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Somos la enye

By skifi
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....or, as it should be, "SOMOS LA EÑE" :giggle:

Because we all are proud of "La Roja" :heart: Whatever the sport is.

Oh, in case you're wondering, all those sponsor labels, and brands, are fake just because I don't want to deal with copyright sues x) *giggles at 1Up brand*

Let's seeeeeeee..... (long list coming)

- Lineart and artwork by :iconskifi: (your friendly neighbor ^skifi)
- Characters also by ^skifi :bow:
- Spanish National Basketball Team uniform design (real one with real labels) is (c) FEB / Li-Ning
- Spanish National Football Team uniform design (real one with also real labels) is (c) RFEF / Adidas
- Molten basket ball edited from a real photograph
- Adidas soccer ball edited also from a real photograph (yeah, I have too many balls at home) o.O
- "Ñ" basket logo is a fanbase created design free for use
- "Ñ" football logo is fake and I created it to match the first one x)
- ...And I know the background is the same I have used many times in other pics, but I love it, so bite me x)
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© 2009 - 2021 skifi
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CaseyDecker's avatar
This picture you've done looks very nice. :)
MugoUrth's avatar
I'm digging that bunny's facial expression.
simba1990's avatar
You must kill me, if Skifi isn't the most famous bull in deviantArt xD
skylinephoto's avatar
I just love that bunny =) Fantastic art work =) Have a great day
UrbanAnomaly's avatar
i like the texture you have added to the feet, shorts and football.
DJGomachi's avatar
Pe7's avatar
skifi's avatar
Pues a mi me alegra que te guste ^^
Earthsong9405's avatar
Ooh! o: This is fantastic!! My favorite sport is basketball... but the pic itself is outstanding! The details, the expressions, the poses.... everything!

Great job! x3
skifi's avatar
Thank you very much ^^ Sorry for the delayed reply, my mailbox was bloated xD;;;
Earthsong9405's avatar
No problem! :3 It's understandible; you are a great artist. ^^
InpuUpUaut's avatar
Que bueno!! ^_^
skifi's avatar
Para una vez que ganamos asi, hay que celebrarlo :boogie:
InpuUpUaut's avatar
Jeje Claro que sí!! ^_^
Nagrarok's avatar
Son la Neta =0

genial trabajo en diseño y color skifi!
skifi's avatar
Muchas gracias, me alegro de que te haya gustado tambien! :aww:
Mereth's avatar
jajajaj que gracioso, mola mil ^^
skifi's avatar
Despues de haber leido tu journal, me alegro de que me dejes un comentario :D :heart:
Mereth's avatar
jajajaja de nada ^^
jiggly's avatar
The made-up brands look really convincing. I thought they were real until I read your description.

Great work as always. I love the coloring details - like the mud on the soccer ball.
skifi's avatar
I guess it's not easy to get the spoof if you don't know the real brands or how the real outfit looks like, so it's normal ^______^

Awww.. and thanks for the good words, you know I admire your style also, we should combine them! :3
jiggly's avatar
Wow, really? I'd love to have you color something of mine or vice versa.
I've been wanting to draw the bully guy for quite some time...
skifi's avatar
Then why don't we do it? ^______^ It will be fun!
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