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Lesbian Birthday Party

By skifi
Because, today, we celebrate :iconlightningryu: *LightningRyu's birthday ^_____^ So why not give her a gift she can never forget? XD;;;; Hot lesbic action, Seel + skifi fanservice for her! Yay!

And, since it's her first lesbian birthday party, she doesn't know how to behave.... we better teach her to not sit on the cake! o____O;;

(You will have a hard work later, dealing with grumpy Prost! XD;;; )

"Blitz" (c) :iconlightningryu: *LightningRyu
"Prost" (c) :iconpr0stsh0cker: !Pr0stSh0cKeR
"Seel" and lineart (c) :iconseel-dingo: *seel-dingo
"skifi" and colorwork (c) :iconskifi: ^skifi
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© 2008 - 2021 skifi
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CaseyDecker's avatar
This birthday-themed picture you've done of these characters looks very nice. ;)
DarkScorptress's avatar
My birthday passed and I didn't have any Lesbians over. :( Next year.
Blackclip1's avatar
Yeah uh, i'll take slice of that B-)
StenFox's avatar
Soooo kyoot. This will be the one I fave so I may come back and drool over more of your works! You are amazing .D.
FeralBeth's avatar
hehe i wanna help :)
zebadjuju's avatar
i want a birthday just like that, but replace the green girl with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDXD
keofoxglove's avatar
gah! this is so adorable!
isaac52's avatar
EW... just no.
skifi's avatar
Then it will be no
CharlieOrangeKitsune's avatar
I know :iconseel-dingo: From FurAffinity. he's very popular :3
skifi's avatar
In fact, he is ^^ *agrees*
Chimchi-the-Ticoon's avatar
lol this is a nice present. XD I found the little thing in the corner hilarious :rofl:
skifi's avatar
Hahahaha, that boy is the birthday girl's boyfriend, I bet he's feeling very jealous XD;;;
Chimchi-the-Ticoon's avatar
:lmao: he probably is, his eyes are gleaming! lol
WeisswindDragon's avatar
^^ he he , se ven muy lindas :D
skifi's avatar
En realidad lo son ;D
CheerBearsFan's avatar
I sure do wish I was at that birthday party. Those girls are having a lot of fun!
skifi's avatar
LMAO, maybe next year we need to distribute entrance tickets or something ;D
ukuku's avatar
nice pic and draws
skifi's avatar
Thank you very very much! ^^
SpookyTrap's avatar
oh im sad now. i kept looking at this one forevur...and i didnt comment on it. for shaaame *sits in a dark corner* DX i luv the way this is drawn and colored. i want to hug zem all. x3

and my tummy is talking.. it sayz...CAKE : O *favz*
skifi's avatar
Well, better late than never, don't you think? ^^ I'm glad you liked it!
InknPaper's avatar
This is an amazingly cute picture.

Oddly, it makes me want cake now, hahaha

And fem Skifi looks so darn cute, nice work as always :)
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