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King of Furries 2005

By skifi
Wanna play? ;)

Lineart by & colors by (me) XD ....A whole week spent with this drawing, but somehow I think it was worth the effort..... :3 Even if it has been hard to adapt my coloring stile to 0r0's lineart! *pounces the bunny* XD

All characters are (c) their respective owners, so far:

and DemiGlenn
"KOF" original game, and all logos (c) their owners too... ;3

PS: Since I colored this in really huge size, to add a lot of details before shrinking it to this size, try to wonder who's going to print a whole poster with this to hang on his room..... :giggle:
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© 2005 - 2021 skifi
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I will take it as a compliment, coming from you ;)
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I just got cancer
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I hope you get good treatment for it ;)
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origional insults 2003
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furry wanting to fight. hahaha.
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We love all kind of games... Battle or arcade ;D
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This can only be a joke.
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I think you know why.
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Congrats on DD :) 
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i think that one in front with spiky hair look like cloud from final fantasy xD
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He could never be cloud
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Awesome :3 and if there was a game like this, I'll go get it :3
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Could u pls tell me who's who in the art here? Thx.
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Hey u kno i got an idea for a king of furries anime. am currently writing a script for it. If ur interested in knowing more about my idea here, do reply to my comment.
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