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I bet you didn't know, even house-slave bunnies get holidays on summer break. :giggle:

So, while I'm away attending AnthroCon, I guess :iconcurrbunny: ~currbunny will for sure enjoy the sunny spanish beaches, even if alone C:

BTW, it's a quite generic, unoriginal pose: I think I have even seen a Naruto-related pic like this XD;; whatever
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That's one some six pack there and the shorts are really cool to!.
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Oooookay after seeing this I'm going to DevWatch. I love it. So much... You don't know... :iggle: Nice package too.... Hhehehehe
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este me gusta mucho :)
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Vaya, eso es buena cosa ;D
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I now see bunnies in a whole new light...

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WOW~! awesome style!!!!!
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Thanks! :3 Glad to know you liked it! ^^
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Hahah, I love his abs.

Like seriously, I can't draw abs for doodly squat.
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He's not really muscly, but keeps himself in a good shape :3
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Aye ^^'

Still, I'm lovin it ;3
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-is in love with anthro bunnies-

Very cute!
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hahaha bought this print at AC. Your first print today too! :3 I love it Skeef, really!
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My nice, favourite, first customer :hug: :heart:
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Wow i finally got an answer from u but ooh my god
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Omg. This is really amazing! And I love his expression.
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Hehehe, thank you very much! ^______^
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CONEJOS!! Adoro cuando alguien dibuja conejos son tan adorables :love:
vivan las vacaciones de verano =P
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