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Heroes 2008

By skifi
Aaaand.... after a long time, I can say it again: I have tried my best and I feel proud of it. I have spent like... 3 weeks working with this, and I think it's one of my best colorworks so far :heart:

(that usually means nobody will appreciate it and they will fullview other random crappy works in my gallery instead, lol) :giggle:

So... :iconseel-dingo: *seel-dingo drew this in my sketchbook during my latest stay at her place, and I really liked her lineart. I'm still on my way to learn how to use PaintShop Pro XI, so it took some time... Different tools, different options.... but aiming for the same result. Really hard!!!

That's why I will really appreciate your feedback ;) In fact, I honestly REQUEST it :pray: I need to know what I still do wrong, what should I improve, .... everything! That's the reason I have uploaded a really BIG file, so you can see every detail I added you can't normally see unless you buy a print. Constructive, and also destructive criticism are both welcome!!! :3 *whispers*ACwhereareyou?*whispers*

Then, you know.... if you like the pic, the lineart Seel drew made it amazing... if you dislike the pic, my colors surely messed it so blame me for that ^^;

OK, shoot, directly to my heart! :D

Characters: :iconseel-dingo:, :iconrottswitchbot: & :iconskifi:
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samuelcool8's avatar
holy crap, dude, that's a good drawings.
HIRUMAUX's avatar
very cool! :heart: love the kaisel very smooth color
skifi's avatar
Great ^^ Thanks a lot!!
PrideAlchemist7's avatar
Amazing job, love the poses and colors..very detailed :clap: :thumbsup: keep up the awesomeness work =D
skifi's avatar
I will try, believe me ^____^ Thanks for your kind comment!
PrideAlchemist7's avatar
you're very welcome for the comment :hug:
MachinesBleedToo's avatar
I'm loving the 3D look your colours bring- really nice work. My only problem with it is it looks like you just used different tones of the same colour to shade, or black + white. What method did you use to shade it?

I'm terrible at colour theory but for example...on a green thing colouring the shadows with a deep red and blending them works well. It's what I learned in school, the shadows should be the opposite colour of the object, and the light depends on what colour it is. Somethings like that anyway.

Sorry if I'm being condescending I dun mean to. >.> But yes. I do like it a lot!
skifi's avatar
I love constructive criticism, but if you honestly meant what you said, nothing to complain about :manhug:

I shaded first with a gradiented coloring, then adding 2 different layers of black shades, then a final layer for an extra cel-shading style ^^ 4 shadings to make it 3D-ish :3
MachinesBleedToo's avatar
Ohh i see. Yes, it looks 3Dish, but I think using a dark colour instead of black would have made it look more...natural, and given it even more depth. That is what I was trying to say. XD; I am so bad with words...guess it's why I'm an artist.

And thankgawd, I get so scared of giving crit sometimes. :giggle:
skifi's avatar
I love them, so feel free to hit me with them anytime :icongwomp:
DracosStarlight's avatar
looks perfect to me man and yes I viewed it in full view just for you :icondragonlick:
Marcus94's avatar
ey, les a echado un vistazo a los extras del soulcalibur o que xDDD. Se parece a los dibujos que salen todos los personajes asi xD

yo los que mejor manejo el mitsuruyi y el que maneja la soulcalibur que ahora no ma cuerdo como se llama xD
skifi's avatar
thank you :3
Kata's avatar
Looks completely awesome to me! You made it look very much 3D and though it has the potential to be confusing with all that's going on, your coloring keeps it nice and readable!
skifi's avatar
^___^ I try to shadow in a more smooth way to keep colors looking like airbrushed, I'm glad you liked it :]
MaestroTomberi's avatar
Un poco esmirriao pa ser un toro, no? Pero bueno, lleva el traje de la selección, así que con eso es suficiente :D. Mu guapo.
skifi's avatar
Lo cortés no quita lo valiente ;)
Omegaro's avatar
You've gotten this a million times already, but seriously great job! The detail in the clothing is especially detailed and very well done and the over all vivid colors are great.
skifi's avatar
Not a million times, hahaha, I like to get feedback even so long after ^____^ Then, thanks a lot for letting me know you liked it so much! ^^
GuardianMoose's avatar
My what a lovely long handlebar you have P:
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