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Anthro Rules

By skifi
Because your Anthro Gallery Moderators ^Katmomma and ^skifi can collaborate in many ways, not only with the administrative duties :giggle: And because it has been great to work with Kat the last months, and this was our pending task. Isn't it fun to team up?

Amazing and wonderful lineart by :iconkatmomma:
Sloppy and cheap colorwork by :iconskifi:
Background images by us both
"Fire Power" t-shirt design by devART & :iconsnapesnogger:
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© 2009 - 2021 skifi
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PetalowDegonzar's avatar
i must agree to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dynamo-Deepblue's avatar
Anthro rules so hard. :w00t:
EngineerGuy97's avatar
anthro does rule!!!!
I like it
CoolPat7's avatar
xD LOL! thats awesome dude, nice job :D
Tolubnae's avatar
This is really cool. =D
MachinesBleedToo's avatar
GO TEAM :highfive:
Awesome collab. I love the way you colour hair. :V
duo2nd's avatar
They look cool.
skifi's avatar
I'm glad you agree! ^^
DarkIgnis's avatar
now this is such a purty picture ^_^ i love the coloring but then.... i like bright things ^_^
skifi's avatar
Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it :3
DarkIgnis's avatar
your truly welcome ^_^
Anupap's avatar
Anthro Art is great! XD
skifi's avatar
I can only agree with you ;)
Ignition44's avatar
cars and anthro will be one cool as hell combination
skifi's avatar
But dangerous XD
skifi's avatar
Ignition44's avatar
GrantPAdams's avatar
Nice one skif! No one colors quite like the way you do.
The little skifi and the gentlemen cat remind of the little angels and devils you see appear on people's shoulders in old cartoons.
cooley's avatar
That came out really well! I like all the different images in the background.
skifi's avatar
I think Kat's art and my art are so different, but still with so many points in common, I wanted to show the contrast :)

I still hope you can get that free time finally XD
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