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Half : sketch- 25p
            Full body: Sketch- 50p            any additional character is +50p/per
         Lineart- 35p                           Lineart- 70p
         Flat- 50p                                Flat- 100p               Backgrounds are +10p
          Cell- 75                                  Cell- 150p
         Soft- 100p                              Soft- 200p

Will not accept: 

Furry/ Anthromorph (I just suck at drawing furries. the best I can do is ears and maybe a tail)
Animals (for the most part)
Anything overly complicated
Comic strips 
Designing a Character

*Please include reference pictures/ short description of character that includes:

- Body type/hair/eyes/skin color
-Piercings/Tattoos/birthmarks ect.
-Personality (keep it brief please)
- Pose and Angle 

This will ensure the picture turns out right
It might be helpful to have a reference sheet for your character. maybe something like this: 
Alex Ref Sheet by skies-in-her-eyes

Training by skies-in-her-eyes

2 character soft shade fullbody/ish +background : 260p 
Description: two characters training/fighting. 1 woman, medium build, fair skin, light brown straight hair down, blue eyes
1 man medium build muscular, light olive skin, dark brown hair short with scruffy beard, green eyes, tattoos. Scorpion tattoo on upper left arm,band tattoo under scorpion, AV/diamond tattoo on upper left shoulder blade bird tattoo on left side.

Pearl In The House by skies-in-her-eyes

one character fullbody soft shade +background : 210p
Description: pearl in the house walking towards the warp pad from behind 

First drawing of 2016 by skies-in-her-eyes
one character halfbody sketch : 25p
Description: woman, small frame, small-medium bust size. light olive skintone. medium ash brown hair in a bun with fringe/side swept bangs. Green eyes Mustard yellow shirt and navy a line skirt looking right, straight on angle.

Feel free to send me a message with what you want, or if you have questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible. payment not necessary until the drawing is completed.

Big changes everyone! It was a good 4 years as Trulytami, but as I develop my style and get older, the name doesn't really represent me anymore. My name isn't even Tami! it was just a fake internet name, because I was really young. I don't identify with it. So name change! I'm wanting to get serious with my art, and I as well as many other artists I know, want to make a living off of something I love doing. So I'd like to ask for your support as I continue to grow and change, and hopefully improve. For obvious reasons, I don't want to give out my real name, but would rather be called by my middle name, Rose.

So I put basically everything in storage. (I deleted all my journals because none of them were relevant anymore)
I hope that as I continue to improve, I'll have more pieces that I'm proud enough to show off, instead of posting everything I finish whether it was sketched or serious.
hopefully you will be seeing some more drawings soon!