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Well…hello there! My name is Oliver Scheppank and I am an artist from germany. I have learned my skills mainly from “learning by doing” and not by such things like professional artists schools. So be gentle with critiques. I have learned making graphics for videogames. But here I want to share some of my own works, which I have locked away for a long time. I am doing my pictures with Photoshop for some years now and as you can see most of the pictures show a blond girl. Her name is Skie and I have shared most of my Photoshop experience with her. I hope you can see the progress I have made with her over the years.

I appreciate critiques as long as there are productive. Only with them you can get better. Btw: Please excuse my bad spelling and grammar in English. I will try to remember what I have learned in school.

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Wasabi, 13th Warrior
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Wacom Ciniq 21UX
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Games, Artworks, Techniques to improve my drawing style
This Version only avaiable in the "Developer Branch" for now and will move later to the "Stable Branch" OLD SAVEGAMES SHOULD BE WORKING WITH THIS UPDATE! #--New Features----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Mainquest expanded. - Cheat-Stone will appear once you finish the new step at the usual Location. #-New Area "Deep Forest" added!------------------------------------------------------- - New SubArea "Skie's sanctuary" to "Deep Forest" added! - Added "Requirements" and an event to enter it. - Added a small Sequence under the right conditions. - New NPC "Vee" to "Deep Forest" added! - Introduction Quest/Dialog added to Vee. - New Inflation-Sequence added to Vee. #-Area-Update: Country Road----------------------------------------------------------- - New NPC "Alex" to "Country Road" added! - New NPC "Paige" to "Country Road" added! - Added a new Minigame to Paige to convert "Money" into "AP"!** - Introduction Quest/Dialog added to Paige and
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#--New Features-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added a new Area "Inn Basement" Added a Magical "Cauldron" to craft Potions and other things. Added a new Quest to "Lilith". Added a new Quest to "Viktoria". (Futa-Content) Added a New NPC "Jihl". Added an option in the settings to turn on/off "Pornographic"-Content This includes sequences with visual insertion and/or sexual acts with genitals. Added an option in the settings to turn on/off "Futa"-Content. #--System--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reworked and added new functions to Dialog-Scripts. Upgraded some Dialogs with visual effects. Can now display multiple Characters in one dialoge sequence. #--QoL-Improvements-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rework Choice-System for Dialogs Inflation/Deflation selection now works with Graphics! Moved the Choice-Window to the same Location as the
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Hello everyone, Today I am happy to announce the release of 0.12. Compared to 0.11c it’s just a small update with final touches to graphics and filling some gaps with NPCs. However this version will be available in the Stable-Branch which can be accessed through my discord for the 3$ support or higher. The version 0.12 will be released as a new demo for free on the 28. August 2023. While game development will continue there will be of course a newer version available at this date for the supporters. #---Official Version 0.12 Release-Notes--------------------------------------------------------- #--Graphical Reworks---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Add "Lightmaps" for the following Areas: Fossil-Cave Lym Forest Grasslands Country road Lym (Reworked) Ghost Mansion Garden Entrance Hall Entrance Hall (2.Floor) Main Floor Kitchen Libary Quarters Guestroom Nr.1 Guestroom Nr.2 Guestroom Nr.3 Guestroom Nr.4 Privat Rooms - Updated Tutorial-Pictures
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With that elf of yours

u ever tried this 🫐 with her

Do keep the idea mind if u want

Thanks for watching me!

Have you tried doing puff kiss inflation on your works?

hey skie, can i make a request

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