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Danny Phantom OC: Kyoko Hanasaki/ The Highwire

Damn her bio took too long to write. I hope it's not too much.
Edit 9\4\10: RE-DID HER BIO! I highly recommend you to read it ;D


Life in Japan
Kyoko Hagasaki is the only child of Hiro and Nana Hagasaki. She was born in Osaka, Japan but her family moved to Nagoya when she was 4. Kyoko is a spoiled child from the start due to her father's high status in one of Japan's known corporations, Nashi Inc. Although her father makes a lot of money, they’ve lived in the middle-class life. Before he had a promotion, when Kyoko was a child, Hiro had to work extra hard to provide for his family, which meant long hours at work and less at home. Kyoko shares a good relationship between her and her parents but they do get into issues such as too much time on her games, music, and computer, not enough studying, and to be more sociable. But none the less, they share a healthy relationship. At school, Kyoko didn’t have many friends because she couldn’t make any(or so she said). She was usually by herself and it continued on during her middle school years but Kyoko has gotten used to it, she doesn’t mind. Only her games and music entertained her.

The Day everything Changed
When Kyoko was 13, on the first day of summer break, she was visiting her dad at Nishi Inc. It seemed like any other day for the company but an explosion erupted in one of the floors and security checked what was going on. In the security cameras showing the floor that the explosion was there, it detected a human-like figure but what was strange is the figure(who was revealed to be a man) had a black hair but had blue skin and red eyes. What was more strange is that the man was floating above the ground and shooting out blue “lasers” from his hands. Workers ran out of the building. Hiro and Kyoko tried to make a run for it but was stopped when the same man from the cameras stopped them in their tracks by going through the floor and appeared in front of them. The man revealed to be a ghost and not just a ghost, the ghost of a Nishi worker named Kenji Ibaraki that Hiro had worked with a year ago. Kenji wanted revenge against Hiro and the company for giving Hiro the promotion that Kenji worked hard on since he first worked with them and how the company laid him off, leaving him jobless and miserable in life. The cause of his death was two weeks after he’d been laid off, one morning, Kenji hooked a toaster to a socket for his breakfast but he didn’t realize that it was faulty. Kenji received fatal shocks and neighbors heard from his apartment. They called 911 but Kenji was pronounced dead by the time the ambulance could arrive. When he passed through the ghost zone, electrical energy passed through Kenji, giving him the ability of electricity. For a year, Kenji wonder around the ghost zone, still trying to face the reality that he had died. But as time went on, anger grew inside of Kenji, thinking how his life was taken away too soon and how he was treated at work was unacceptable. So after a year of training with his powers, Kenji decided to bring terror to Nishi Inc., seeking revenge. Kenji began to attack Hiro and Kyoko but both of them ran barely managed to miss his shots until Hiro tripped on the floor. Kyoko turns back to help her father but it gave an opportunity for Kenji to hit Kyoko with one of his ectoplasm shots. It Kyoko in a critical state and Hiro came to her side and attempt to help her. Meanwhile, Kenji thought it was enough for him now that Hiro is suffering. Kenji continued to haunt Nishi Inc. until the Guys in White came and captured him.

The Discovery
Kyoko woke up from the hospital with her parents at her side. Kyoko felt different when her body system didn’t seem right and she was right when she accidently shoots blue ectoplasm from her hand, leaving a burned mark on a hospital wall. Shocked, Kyoko’s parents and Kyoko herself couldn’t believe what just happened. At first, Mariko thought they should tell the doctors about this but Hiro disagreed and is afraid that they may treat her as a lab rat considering what Kyoko did wasn’t human. So Kyoko managed to keep her powers on the down low for a month she stayed in the hospital and healed. While she stayed in the hospital, Hiro did research on ghosts since the Kenji incident and it was revealed that what happened to Kyoko was that when she got hit by Kenji’s blast, the ectoplasm affected her DNA, making her a half ghost and giving her the blue ectoplasm power. Hiro also stated that the Guys in White should never know because they may want use for her and she would never live a normal life. Kyoko couldn’t believe this was happening to her and that she may never live a normal life anyway but Hiro and Mariko vowed that they’ll always be there for her in her time of need.

The Incident and A Second Life
When Kyoko left the hospital, she missed the first days of school and had to do all the make-up work(unfortunately for kyoko since school isn’t her strongest subject). One day in the computer room, Kyoko’s powers manifested once again. Before she came back to school, Kyoko slowly began to gain more powers(flight, invisibility, and a ghost sense whenever she passes graveyards) but now, her electrical powers activated and had the computers to explode, creating a fire. Luckily Kyoko and the other students were ok and no evidence was there that Kyoko caused it(in the meantime, her father had Nishi Inc. to donate new computers) but her parents grew worry that what if the next time, Kyoko would hurt someone or even herself. Her parents advise her to keep her powers under control and so, Kyoko managed to hide her powers for the next 4 months. There were very minor incidents where Kyoko would sneeze or cough that causes her hair to stick up high or receiving static electricity from clothes or other items but nothing major like the school incident ever happened. After the months passed, Hiro had obtained a big promotion from Nishi Inc. but it was mandatory for him to move to the U.S. in order to keep his job and provide for his family. The Hanasakis moved to the U.S., where their new house is in Amity Park and admitted Kyoko to the high school.

Meeting Danny Phantom
The Hanasakis heard of the work of Danny Phantom and how he saved the earth 2 years ago. Moving to Amity Park was not only another chance for Kyoko to have a better education, but also the perfect opportunity for Kyoko to control her powers with Danny’s help. Kyoko's parents maintained a meeting with the famous Fenton hunters and explain their situation involving their daughter. Hiro made a deal that if his company can sponsor and help with the Fenton's technology (and same with Danny for his job), Danny can train Kyoko into controlling her powers(and also help her get use to Amity Park). During the meeting, Danny and his friends (now juniors) came to his house from school and Danny meets the Hagasakis. Danny's parents had explained Danny want the Hagasaki told them and while Hiro's company can help them with their tech, they asked Danny if it was alright for himself to help Kyoko with her problem. Although unsure at first, Danny decided it would be good to help out a fellow "halfa".

Meeting Kyoko the “loko”
The next day, during school, Danny and the gang were hanging around, trying to find Kyoko in order to meet her. Suddenly, he bumps into a short girl, causing her to fall down. Angrily, the girl tells Danny to watch it after Danny apologies and Danny took it as rude. He tells her that he said sorry but already the girl grows into a bad mood and yells at him. While Sam defends for Danny, telling the girl to not act like this towards him, Tucker notices the girl’s backpack on the ground and her school books and binder falling out. He reaches in to give it to her but as he was about to put her stuff in her bag, he notices a name tag sticked on the binder reading in Japanese and English, that said, Kyoko Hanasaki. The DP gang realizes that they found Kyoko and Kyoko recognized Danny as Danny Phantom. Kyoko heard of their parents plan on Danny training her and thought of it as a waste of time since she stated that she doesn’t want anything to do with her powers and that the hero life isn’t for her. But Danny said that her parents want her to go for it so she can have more control over them and live a normal life. Kyoko states for the final time that she doesn’t want anything to do with Danny and the gang, being a superhero, or ghosts at all. But the next day, Kyoko’s electrical powers manifested again in a science lab this time, causing a few computers to explode and form a fire. Luckily Danny was in the room when it happened so he manages to bring everyone to safety. After school, Danny had Kyoko alone and told her that he has a deal that he’ll only train her so she’ll just control her powers and she doesn’t have to be a hero like him so Kyoko won’t be in danger of others or herself. Kyoko finally agreed. In the meantime, Danny and his friends also agrees to keep Kyoko’s ghost powers a secret from the public. Later on, Kyoko begins to hang around with the gang(though not getting used to the fact she’s hanging with people her own age this time or with people in general) and maintains an actual “friendship” with Tucker(mostly because of their love for tech). Tucker also gives her the nickname\hero alias, “The Highwire” and oddly enough, Kyoko likes it. Sam also volunteered to create an outfit for Kyoko when in training with Danny.

Danny and Kyoko have their “classes” during the weekends so it wouldn’t get in the way of their education. They usually spend their time in the afternoons(and sometimes at night) in different parts of Amity Park. Sometimes Kyoko would complain of being tired and worned out while Danny ignores her complants. There are times where Danny has to rescue Kyoko whenever her powers come out of wack but after a few weekends of lessons, Kyoko is slowly beginning to have more control over her powers.

As a child, Kyoko was quiet and couldn’t make friends since she was so shy. She was usually left alone or with a teacher. Oddly enough for a child, Kyoko feels more comfortable with adults rather than kids her own age. She’s more close with her parents and can tell them anything(except when it comes to grades). During most of her childhood, Kyoko’s family had enough to survive but not too much for extra things. That is, until her father landed herself a promotion. Since then, Hiro gave her games to play with since she didn’t have friends of her own and later on in Kyoko’s teen years, mp3s and a computer for school. But unfortunately, her father’s gifts gave Kyoko a more closed and bratty personality. Kyoko also tends to be obnoxious when it comes to subjects she knows best. She can’t help but can’t stand when people make a mistake that involves common sense and she would boast on how much she’s right “about everything” but the things she say, she tends to be wrong. Kyoko also HATES to be wronged\corrected, especially when it comes to her English. She would blush mad then feel pretty embarrassed, then get huffy puffy and throw a “fit”, and would usually yell, “I KNEW THAT!!”. Another side of Kyoko is, if she messes up that involves someone, then Kyoko would feel tremendous guilt and would feel guilty for a period of time(usually a week), even for the smallest things or if she doesn’t show it on the outside, Kyoko can’t help but feel REALLY guilty and makes sure to do something about it in return.

Good Traits:
Focused(when it comes to things that interested her), A strategist, knows everything about the latest tech(considering her father works for an industry for it), a researcher, very good runner, is good with language courses.

Bad Traits

HATES to be wrong(and feels embarressed), highly blunt(even in bad situations), spends too much time on her mp3s, games(etc.), stubborn, hot-headed, acts bratty(and ungrateful at times), doesn’t let things go.


Blue Ectoplasm: Kyoko can shoot out blue ectoplasm at a distance from her hands but not as far as Danny’s. Half the time, she misses her targets so Danny usually helps her on that part.

Flight\Super Speed: Kyoko’s electricity gives her the ability to fly\run fast a jet, leaving a trail of electrical currents. Although, sometimes Kyoko goes too fast that she can’t control it, leaving her to stop very…painfully.

Electricity: Kyoko can also shoot out electrical currents from her hands and summon thunder from stormy weather but it takes a lot out of her that it has her go back to her human state and she can’t go back to her ghost form in 1-3 days.

Invisibility: Kyoko also have trouble maintain her invisibility power. Sometimes she goes invisible without warning(and almost leads her to trouble in school when she disappears in class)

Ghost Sense: Kyoko's ghost sense is when her hair stands up a little by small electrical currents, which is why her parents advise her to wear a hat in public or cover herself a little so no one wouldn't get suspicious. She would feel some “tingles” when getting her ghost sense.


Kyoko isn’t a fan of “tight outfits” but she makes an exception for a belly shirt. She wanted her outfit plain and simple so Sam whipped out an outfit just for her. Baggy clothing(not too baggy) to keep her comfortable and warm and not to mention the material of the clothes can help increase her electricity powers.

Fun Facts

* Kyoko's english is alright. Before she and her family moved, they've gone to the US every vacation they take. Plus, english is one of Kyoko's favorite subjects back in her schools in Japan.
Although, she still makes common mistakes due to it being her second language. She also can't STAND it if anyone corrects her(except her parents, maybe). Then she would get huffy-puffy and sometimes would say "I KNEW that!" or "That's what I said!!"

* Kyoko canNOT live without her music and games. Her parents tend to worry that they get in the way of her education but Kyoko doesn’t think so. But, not only her music and games are entertainment for her, they’re also her sanctuary and mean a lot to her whenever she’s down about something.

* Kyoko can also not stand any animals (and is afraid of them as well). The only ones she's not afraid of are fish(though she finds them boring). The reason is when Kyoko was 6, her parents took her to a petting soon. She got close to the animals to feed them but she fed them too close that all the animals came running to her food and chased her(her parents saved her). Since then, Kyoko doesn’t trust anything with 4 legs. Plus, Kyoko complains that animals smell.

* Kyoko’s also afraid of needles because the thought of something going through her skin makes her squimish.

* Kyoko's also known for researching about her favorite celebrities (mostly the ones she finds hot) in her computer and brags how much she knows about them, thus making her a "true fan"

* Kyoko's grades are..."average". She maintains a C+ - B- average (and Kyoko's parents continue to push her to do better). Her favorite subjects are language and computer-related courses.

* Kyoko usually wears her finger-less, gloves because her hands are usually worn out from playing with her games too much(and later on, can help her deliver her electric-like powers better)

* Kyoko's in LOVE with jewelry, especially earrings, but has a fear of needles so she has no choice but to wear clip-on earrings.

* Kyoko would be voiced by Laruen Tom


Excuse her lame hero alias...

So what do you guys think of her?
Critiques anyone?

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She looks really cool. I like how you were creative with her ghost name as well. Very clever. She has a nice design too.
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Thank you very much :)
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Does Highwire have the ability to use the Ghost Stinger because she got electricity powers.
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My oc wants that puntang check him out his name is lucus he want the punn please hook him up he is suck a hooligan.
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Can I use her in a Fanfic? :P
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mmm, depends. What's the fic?
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I'll send you a note about it :3
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I really like your oc~ I think its the only one I've seen so far that explains how they got their powers xD plus she is well thought out~
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Thank you XD Wish I drew more of her though...
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Ectoplasm is not a power.  It is a substance... *Strokes neckbeard*  Check your privilege.
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Danny was one of my very first cartoon crushes
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oh You are Phan too! :D
Maybe You want a lil art trade?
I mena Your OC with my OC (I have 2 so You can chose)??
if Yes send me pm :)
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Very interesting OC. =)

I have to say she looks very original. Seems like a Character I could see in the show.
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wow, thanks! :D
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Hmm, that looks organized and making more sense. People are so going to look at this DIRECTLY XD
Skidzz's avatar
They better, I worked all day on it XD
ghostfinder's avatar
I like your character design when I saw this in my message and but there are a few mistakes in this character. :) Something that doesn't make sense to the background story and the last name is not really.

I have a question.

If she's from Japan and moved to Amity Park, how did she learn English to talk to Danny and his friends (Wait, I read it in the facts ^^;). Is she's an immigrant since she's from Japan and she moved to America?

Also, Hagasaki? I tried to look up, but there's no result in google. Hagasaki is not a real last name. But Nagasaki is a real last name.[link] But I took them anyway for my DP Halfa Dennis and Human Katelyn dated back a long time ago.

So just giving you advices girl to make is logical and better ;)
Skidzz's avatar
...ohhhhhh shit, damn XD; I must've mistaken it for HANAsaki(that's a real Japanese last name) Thank you XD;

Yes, she and her family are immigrants.
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So, it was a spelling errors. XD I thought it was like a made up Japanese name that does not exist. XD

Okay :nod:
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Actually may I ask you something?

Does Kyoko appear..."too stereotype-ish" as a Japanese character? (with the common japanese names, the outfit, her obsession with tech, etc.)

Also, does her story on her powers seem to make sense to you?
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