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To catch up on what I'm talking about:

The last known traction I got was a whole 2 weeks ago. Now the number sits squarely at the unbudging 50, despite my consistent posting in various places (FB, IG, TW, dA). Previously I was quite optimistic that things would pick up- now it seems I've been deluding myself, thinking that people would actually go out to support the work of someone they knew (or at least liked the works enough to support).

Well, the recent outcome has proven me wrong. Not the first time humanity disappointed me on things, though ngl, I was expecting the outcome to be better than this.

Will I still continue shoot and post?

Yes - toy photography is my one therapeutic outlet, and I ain't gonna give it up now.

Will I still join future competitions?

I'll have to study the structure of the competition more thoroughly now before diving into it; I'm very anal when it comes to art competitions (which is why I don't participate much), and looks like I'll have to apply the same treatment to toy photography competitions.

It's not so much about the prizes.

If the structure only favours popular votes, it's a no to me because for a nobody like me to compete with an influencer or someone with a 50k follower base, I ain't gonna win obviously, the numbers are stacked against me.

If the structure only favours specific accounts (like the recent Nendoroid photography competition) because the account(s) is a heavy supporter of the parent company's products, it's also a no for me because no one can win against bias.

So what's left?

HOW ABOUT a fair and just competition where there are ACTUAL judging involved using a panel of REAL judges, with specific criteria (and points to calculate, if we wanna be so in-depth about it)? Then if the participants wanna argue subjectively, there's the feedback part from the judges (on what they like, they don't like, etc).

Then, and only then, I will consider if the prizes are worth the entry.

For now, I'm just gonna leave this link here since the vote campaign only ends on Sept 8 2020 10am (GMT +8). Whether it makes a difference, it doesn't matter anymore - I'm just doing my part to see this to the end.

Link to vote (require FB account!):


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