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Night Drake



Part of a series of works for my Final Illustration Project, [DEMIURGE] (on-going)

This is one of the dragons in who is master of the night skies and land inside the [Hunt for the Dragon Kings] arc, and upon defeat, will bestow the power of flight and earth.

Character design notes
The Night Drake is a manifestation of one of the last overlord of Valhalla, whose name was so old it's not even in the annals, but that he was generally a good king before his demise 367 years later. Upon death, he takes the form of the winged drake that "is so huge, it can even reach the moon if it so chooses."

With most overlords of the same bloodline, their power comes from the golden orb at their throats, and to defeat them, one just has to destroy the orb, and if one is capable enough, to take the power released by the orb (which differs depending on what the overlord controls). In this case, the Night Drake's power is over earth and sky.

Photoshop CS3 | Wacom Bamboo
Original draft by KS Loh
Work © skian-winterfyre
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