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Mysso - Apotheosis



Part of a series of works for my Final Illustration Project, [DEMIURGE] (on-going), and my main character avatar for :iconima91nation:

The expanded version of the original : [link] Only this time with Mysso in her Angel Devil form (where we last seen her here : [link] Wow, time REALLY flies. Ack, I've put that account under watcher-mode. Apologies.)

Character Design notes
Now, being the main/recurring character inside [DEMIURGE], in the [Hunt for the Dragon Kings] arc, Mysso accepted the impossible job of hunting the last dragon king, so that she can know how to deal with her destiny before the eventual final battle with Terminus @ Supreme God of Chaotic Order (or, in my drafts, the one with the unaffectionate nickname of Godhead).

In [Apotheosis] form, her wings will manifest, angel for the power of light, and devil for the power of darkness. At this stage, she is invincible, and she will not stop AND cannot be stopped until her enemy/foe/boss is completely destroyed - a state known as "Beyond Godlike!"

In the arc, she dealt with the Nagini ([link]), whom she forced to reveal the location of the Night Drake ([link]), and after a huge battle, the defeated Night Drake revealed the last known whereabouts of the Naga ([link]) in exchange for not being permanently killed.

Did she succeeded in taming the Naga? That, we will eventually find out in the next work after I'm done ;)

Texture [link] © :iconkuschelirmel-stock:
Levi's Pentagram from Wikipedia [link]

Photoshop CS3 | Wacom Bamboo
Character design © skian-winterfyre
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this looks so awesome *-*
But she really looks like a female version of dante from devil may cry to me O.o