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DMC5 - Return of the King



Lurking in the shadows under veil of night
Constellations of blood pirouette
Dancing through the graves of those who stand at my feet
Dreams of the black throne I keep on repeat

- from [Bury the Light] by Casey Edwards feat. Victor Borba

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Welcome back, my lord and liege Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 
June 15th is the day of His resurrection! Rejoice on his Return!

This was loosely based on another iconic Akira artwork.
Just like last year's artwork, they are some facets of Vergil (his past, his present, his human / demon side, etc.) hidden here, together with some things based on his theme song too (e.g. the black throne). Happy hunting! :D (Big Grin) 


Music : (1 hour) Bury the Light - Acapella intro Edit [link]
Photoshop CC2017 | Wacom Intuous 4
Vergil from Devil May Cry 5 © CAPCOM
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