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"I have an army."

Originally a speedpaint done for an artjam session while at work, it became a full b/w painting after I tinkered with it a few more days...(sorry my hand got itchy haha)

Artjam theme was to draw a soldier in any armour (light/mid/heavy) based on country, and I was given Saudi Arab --- which wasn't so hard, when I've got a handy Assassins' Creed artbook for reference lying inside the PC...

Still, I really enjoyed the session - especially the speedpainting process. Now speedpainting's like a therapy to me, it really sets my mind free and exercise my fingers.

Photoshop CS4 | Wacom Intuos4
Work © Tan Lammy
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"We have a Hulk."
Sorry, couldn't resist.
This really is awe-inspiring though. On the one hand I'd like to see it colored but on the other that might take away from the grittiness of the black and white version.
Either way, wonderful work.
Thanks for sharing!