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Willfire-Z-Tiger's avatar

Yes. Maybe. Probably not.

powderbrush's avatar

I love this, so expressive! :heart:

Canisp's avatar

hrgfrzsgnah oh GOTT :heart:

PoisonSoldat's avatar

Ah man, I don't know what or who they're screaming No at, but I relate a 100% :giggle:

Morningwaters's avatar

I just found your artwork and immediately started watching you. Your art is lovely!

paul-rosenkavalier's avatar
le-letha's avatar

I need this on my phone so I can text it to people as needed. XD

Rfunctyl's avatar

Very original; love your imagination.

kikiTV20's avatar

The fox looks they are saying no to the "no"

Demara's avatar

I love the cranky fox!

NevaSirenda's avatar

This needs to be a meme. Or maybe I could stitch it.

shapetales's avatar

omg ich liebe das :D

machst du daraus sticker? :'D

Hardwing's avatar

This fox knows what he doesn't want! ;-)

SteampunkCity's avatar

Sometimes please isn't always the only magic word!

Wonderfully done!!!

Woodswallow's avatar

This is such a mood.

Ich liebe es :) Die Zähne, die kleine Zunge, die borstig abstehenden Haare und der herrlich buschige Schwanz - ich mag diese Details!

Deine Kunst ist so viel wert <3

DeckardCanine's avatar

"What does the fox say? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO..."

NickDoesArts's avatar
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