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Hello Whisper, my old friend ~
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Congratulations on the DD! I loved this one when it came out and it's very, very well deserved!

Ringcaat's avatar

Did some witch or warlock make the mistake of taking both a fox and a crow as familiars?

Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the daily deviation!

Skia's avatar

Thank you! :)

Crystallized0Chaos's avatar

Oh careful honey he has a knife.

Whaaaat whaaat no i dont

Skia's avatar

It's a feather but people are free to interprete it as knife as well...;D

anartpostaweek's avatar

"peace was never an option"

anartpostaweek's avatar

the shading is immaculate, i can hardly believe it's digital art bc it looks so watercolored and soft

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Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Are there black foxes out there? 🤔

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AlinaPrince's avatar

Wow .. A fox with such a shade, and even with a knife in her mouth, looks great

xXMoonyheartXx's avatar

This looks really good!

Skia's avatar

Thank you! :)

migrubbs's avatar

This is beautiful

Skia's avatar

Thank you! :)

LindArtz's avatar

Very nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

Skia's avatar

Thank you so much! :)

Tinselfire's avatar

Maybe not the right word, but somehow find this really cute.

BurgundyPhantom's avatar

so bootiful! i love this

Gabriel-Foxx's avatar

Been a long time... but the wait is worth it; I positively love this. The Black One returns!

I love the brushed, yet defined colors, the little hints of red and gentle colors, just wonderful, and the contrasting sharpness of the expression and eyes is deeply expressive indeed. I can never get enough of Whisper, and I hope to see so much more of him over the years! :blush: Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful art and the inspiration that comes with it, as always.

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She's salty because she has been overshadowed by a blue flying chicken.

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