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If we're built from Spirals while living in a giant Spiral, then is it possible that everything we put our hands to is infused with the Spiral?
Max Cohen
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Lovely, simple. :)
Anyways, graet one :D
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Musste sofort daran denken: [link] Hatte mir Hunter mal verlinkt. Ist aber sehr merkwürdig. @.@
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Mal kurz angelesen, und es gefällt mir schon mal sehr gut. Bin gespannt.

Spiralen. Spiralen überall. Überall.
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Wenn du weiterliest, sind sie wirklich überall. *schauder*
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Wenn es nicht merkwürdig wäre, hätte ich es wohl kaum verlinkt 8D
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Ich find's ja auch grade deswegen toll. 8D
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:love: a lovely old snail shell :love:
the fresh ones are cool too, they've got stripes just to confuse things :D
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Don't mention the spirals! ;A;

((Beautiful photo :D))
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very beautiful, lovely shot!
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It is beautiful. I love spirals! :)
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pretty. i like the idea that goes with it.
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The latest obsession.
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(...regarding obsessions ;) )
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If you knew.
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Oh I don't.
But, we could reverse our roles in this little trade of words, and those words would still hold true.
Fruitless chases. We could speak for endless days, and never find ourselves understanding.
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Meh, I'm irritable lately.
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No, as long as it doesn't spiral out of control...
(Couldn't resist)

I love brief habits and consider them an inestimable means for getting to know many things and states...

...One day its time is up; the good things part from me, not as something that has come to nauseate me but peacefully and sated with me as I am with it—as if we had reason to be grateful to each other as we shook hands to say farewell. Even then something new is waiting at the door, along with my faith—this indestructible fool and sage!—that this new discovery will be just right, and that this will be the last time. That is what happens to me with dishes, ideas, human beings, cities, poems, music, doctrines, ways of arranging the day, and life styles.
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Spirals are love.
Lovely photo!
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