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Look what I found in my garden today!! D8


The Snox, the one and only, an UBER-AWESOME birthday gift from :iconculpeo-fox: :iconblackheartplz:

Sorry for the low quality - better photos will follow soon.

Another Snox-snapshot.


Snox sculpture made by :iconculpeo-fox:


Photo by me ;)
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Great idea and wonderfully made.
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Those eyes.....
Lunawolf2011's avatar
Holy cow! I thought this was real for a second XD
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It looks so fake but it's so awesome! I cant even sculpt something like this!
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Beautiful sculpture.
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Heh. I made something like this for an art class, except it wasn't as detailed or as awesome. And it was made with recycled cardboard. =P So, kinda feel envious now.
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My ex boyfriend's character was also known as a 'snox', and he ended up being a very not-nice person... so, I am so happy to see a gorgeous, BETTER and ORIGINAL snox instead. :3 Yes, I agree with this being the one and only, hehe :)

Awesome work. Very awe-inspiring.
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So nen geilen Snox hätt ich auch gern im Garten. :D
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geil ich dachte gerade wo ichs gesehen habe schit was zur hölle drachen gibts wirklich danach is mir erst aufgefallen oh is ja ne skulptur xD
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He is the most adorable creation EVER!! I wouldn't mind finding him in my garden! (after the running and screaming and climbing on top of the tallest object i can find that is) He looks fantastic! Congratulations!
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this was amazingly done! your model was beautifully sculpted and coloured & the capture of it was awesome! ♥ keep up the awesome work!
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your an awesome photographer!
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It looks almost real 0.o
Very well made!
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Wow...that's gorgeous!
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Oh mein gott ein Snox X_X Ich frag mich wie es in deinen Garten gekommen ist |D
JaguarsSoul's avatar
I want to buy that sculpture *-* <33
alucardfangirl123's avatar
Is this real or fake? I like out either way
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Whaaaat? I guess I should ask if it's venomous.
esmethemaskedowl's avatar
this is magnificent :D

when i was little i used to think of something similar to this, except it was part owl and part snake....
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