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Another "Kung Fu Panda"-Fanart: Oogway. I like him a lot, he's such a great character :)
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Incredible!!!! You have, with a single design, given the concept of majesty of a very important character of the film. I just have to congratulate you.
this picture is Amazing. Do you have it in a better resolution?
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Incredible art of Master Oogway. :O
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wrong smiley damn xD
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My favorite character!
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this is amazing
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aww very nice draw he was a great character
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i loved that part in the movie!
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omg, your drawing style is EPIC. o,o I love it, escpesially his face, lips and chin. c;
and I also love the colouring here, really awesome it is. :D
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Great work ^.^
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ich habe heute kung fu panda gesehen und Oogway ist eine rmeiner lieblings charas!

es ist wunderschön geworden :))
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i love oogway! why did he had to die in the movie!
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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That's why its called a present.
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dis MADE MY DAY!!!!! *applauds*
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love him!

complimenti :) lo adoro
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i love him too!
and the candle-blowing part made me lol XD
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Brilliant. Love it :)
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You kept such a peacefull feel with this piece. You nailed it!
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