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I'm A Rabbit

Your daily silly Skia-doodle :P

I wish you all a (early) happy Easter! <3 Thank you so much for your support, your wonderful comments and your feedback - you guys are great! :hug:
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I have looked ~twenty minutes for this submission, but was it worth it.

(The thumbnail appeared on recommended, but I wasn't be able to find it by clicking).

Kiki Pen Art is selling this image as their own on Facebook.

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yeah right, everybody believes you... xD

cool style, and really nice characters :)
OkamiJubei's avatar
hehe... like that could fool the bunny.
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this is adorable much . 
MichaelJFan77's avatar
This is adorable! ^^
Niz13's avatar
have you read watership down by richard adams? ; )
Uwny's avatar
Tu n'es pas sur blablaland par hasard ? :3
En tout cas, bravo j'adore. J'ai toujours adoré ce dessin !
Fightstar-Angel's avatar
Bunny: Me no believe you!
Daigomasafumi's avatar
XD hahahahahahaha nice! really nice!
yanhualuan's avatar
<font><font>SOOOOOOOOOOOOO   CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</font></font>
AmoebaGagless's avatar
Rabbit: Seriously?
That is very funny
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This made me laugh. :)
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Bunny seems to be emoting "Do you really think that I am *THAT* stupid?!!" :-)
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The cuteness here is at insane levels. Well drawn and a good sense of facial expression. Wonderful.
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