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Despicable Me Evil Purple Minion 3D

I saw the Purple Evil Minions and had to try and create one.
I will be posting this soon. The arms are driving me nuts just because they are not normal cubeecraft arms. But I figured I would try this crazy long arm idea and see what people think.

This one was weird but I think I have it where I want it LOL

PART 1: [link]
PART 2: [link]

You can get it on my blog: [link]

Well I have created the minion. It is actually pretty cute. The arms do as they are told so it works LOL
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Yes they just need love
TroutFisher's avatar
Getting closer to the nth!
SKGaleana's avatar
LOL we will capture it someday haahah
Tyumenb's avatar
I'm sorry, but I've changed a little your work ...
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I thought about doing that with the eye, but the idea of a cubeecraft is no glue or tape. Therefore the eye became part of the body.
Tyumenb's avatar
I do everything without glue
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Despicable ME 2 WOO, that is a Wicked looking Minion :P
SKGaleana's avatar
hehe I so can't wait to see the new movie and all the pruple minions
WhereAmINow22's avatar
It could be the yellow ones getting kidnapped and turned into the purple ones, It should be out week or two before theaters :P
SKGaleana's avatar
Yup I believe that is what happens. LOL Poor Minions
WhereAmINow22's avatar
That show is going to be Auesome. I hope its better than than number one. Star Trek 2 Was far far far Way Better than the first one. :) Hopefully movies will be a on a roll. Because Iron man 2 was fair, and 3 was a let down.
SKGaleana's avatar
I hope you are right. This should be awesome! The fact that they put in Purple minions made my day hahahaha
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