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Hello! This is sooo helpful! Can I also make a journal like this one? Kind of like an FAQ for my adoptables?
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thank you so much. If you want to make a journal like this, please do tag Piffi-sisters as the reference since this adoptable T.O.S was based by Piffi-senpai's :iconkyutsmileplz:
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Okay thank you!
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boleh kujadiin refrensi ngak ;w; ? //ygbingungbikintos
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awwwww,,, ini mai dapat dari beloved Piffi senpai,,, >/////////<
coba tanya ke orangnya dulu,, //sobs
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I'm always happy when people think this is useful ( I was so afraid the first time I uploaded them because are a little long x°D )
In the start I choose to not let people trade/resell designs too, but just to give you a tips, think about that because sometimes people buy something and just in the second moment they understood it's not the good design for them and I look that after the resell that character being more used by another person and I think it's better in this way than "condemn" the character in a dead place ;;
Of course you don't have to change if you feel uncomfortable I just give you a little little things to think about ;/// and I really hope you don't mind ;;
I used to think about design to be something I will love forever but after I receive money this not belong to me anymore ( like If I sold a car, a console, any "object" ) and I want people choose if is better keep the design in the dust or give it more chance to being loved T/////T
Even if I know the bad reality, sometimes people just buy and adopt for fun, removing the chance to others, and resell/trade 1 week after, but luckily not everyone x°D
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awwwww,, senpai,, thank you so much for letting us use your rules, we are really sorry that we use it before you give us a permission,, //ahh,,, we feel so rude and shameless,, ;;///////////;;

and thank you so much for the advice,, and ahahaha,, we do this bc we are traumatic,,, last time we allow people to trade, (as the rules, they must tell us first and, let us know who's the new owner) but they broke the rules, they trade it without permission. we even didn't know, where's our design now,,,
and we got the baddest situation last time, we already change our rules that they are not allowed to do trading, but when our buyer get the baby, somebody begging to the buyer, asking to do trading for that baby, that ppl even note us twice, (begging tho) ;;//////;; she said she will give a good home,, a story,, etc etc,, //with capslock
so we give the baby, due to the buyer told us so,, --she trade it with popular ppl adoptable btw //sobs
but what we see, on the next month, we saw that baby is in trade folder,, we really glad that one of our friend told us,,, //so sad
we are know it's sound so childish,,,, but we are really sad, that ppl want one of our adopt to get traded only so they can get more design,,, ;;/////////////////;;
maybe we will thinking about change this rules,,, but we don't know,, maybe someday, --(because we are too stupid sentimental)
we make this rules so only the ppl that really love our adopt will bought them,, //uhuhuhu we feel so stupid now :iconmagi8plz:

--sorry for spamming you with this drama senpai :iconallmytearsplz:
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waaah this is so bad I know what you mean and when people have no respect for others is very hurtful ;_;
and we think about that many times because some people trade and trade designs after just few days but since we did very a lot of designs ask people to keep all of them without resell/trade being very impossible, for 50-60 designs ok, but for more than 800 not x°D sometimes I see some of our adopts in people folder and I say...wait...but this is not the original owner °_° and I have to ask x°D!
But please don't feel stupid you have all right to do what makes you more comfortable ;; I totally understood and you have to makes what you desire in the time you desire T//u//T
Adopts community it's very big and wonderful, sometimes I feel it like a very big family, other times I think this is full of...hate, people without respect, envy, I understood just one things can change that, ourself, how we deal with that, I learn to accept a lot of things, also bad people because if I have to feel bad everytime people doing something hurtful my account would close by months x°D, so my only tips is try to be less stressful as you can and if this mean no trade/resell rules then IT'S TOTALLY OK XD!

Do not worry about nothing I'm always happy if my little things could help someone ;; I understood the emotion you feel to want write a Journal with rules and I have really no problem you did it without wait x°D <3 <3
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awwwwww,, thank you so much for your kind word senpai,, it's really open our mind,, TT/////////TT
you are really and always so kind,,,

we think we will change the rules,, but not for now,, we need time for it, maybe in the future,, ;;/////;;
di,, did you already have 800+ adoptable senpai,,, O///w///O WOW AMAZING~~!

ma,,may we ask you something senpai,,? :iconanoplz:
if someone from our blacklist come again and doing bid in our adoptable, what should we do? ;;/////;;
sorry for random question,,, //sobs
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Take all the time you need T///7///T you don't have to force yourself in something you don't want >///<
nngh Yes for my last tips I count them and I noticed they are more than 800 designs, included also pet but...x°D a lot!! and sometimes when I receive a mention I said "aaah yes!!! this is mine it's right!" x°°D

mmmh about blacklist I know this is an hard argument because if this is not public usually we just hope these people don't come back again >////<
I put some people in the blacklist and I sent them a note to let them know but just for very important things, for something I didn't like I wait to know if this is a repetitive behavior and depends of the person I in general:
- ask if they have intention to repeat that behavior and Informed I'm uncomfortable with that and if that user usually did this behavior also with other people I prefer ask to not bid again in my auction
- if they broke the rules more than once I ask if they need a better explanation, in any case I try to be more clear as I can ( so have rules it's very good ;U; )
I tried to be always kind but precise with people because I really don't like being rude, but this is not matter I love being fooled by people x°D I try also to understood that sometimes people don't understood things in my same way, or they have different "way to do" things, or are just distracted and I have to admit very few people did something very wrong or rude to me I have a very small blacklist and all people know to be in there ;u;
For example if someone forgot to say they resell one of my design I understood, ask them and write the new owner remember to let me know next time ;u;
Have you had some bad experience and someone need a bad blacklist? ;_;
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awwww,, for now, we think didn't have any problem,, we think we just too sentimental,, lol ;;/////////////////;;

thank you so much for answering senpai,,, you are so wise,,,
i,, if we have more question again in the future, ma,, may we ask you?
because sometime we cannot thinking clearly, and do a bad habit,,, but if we bother you, that's totally okay if you can't,, >///////<

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It's good to set things clear!! <3
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awwwwww,, thank you bby ;;////////////////////////////;; thank's to Piffi-senpai <3333
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