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[C] Glowing angel

By skfuu
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"will you.. smile for me?"
love birds 
F2U cute sprouts by Adorelee  Bottled Flower pt 2 [ F2U ] by Glukoko  F2U cute sprouts by Adorelee 
special box commission for the amazing

OMIGOSH thank you so much for commissioning us with this beautiful character kiinsy~~ QQcat smoochie emoji 
we had so much fun working on her flowers petals <3333
and her glowing eyes QvQ :heart::heart:

btw just an update that we are still working on all of our to-do-list~~! :iconhecryplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
we might be slow to working on our commission,custom, or adoptable QAQ sobs
since we have a lot of ceremony in real life tho OTL

but don't worry, we definitely will do our best! :iconmoeblushplz::heart::heart:
still, if you need something urgent from us, feel free to send us a note~ >///v////<

we hope you will like this piece as much as we do~ :hug:  

Character belongs to Kiinsy / Design by Piffi-sisters 
Art by us
Birb dance Birb dance Birb dance 
Thank you for passing by~ <3
Skunkyfly/skfuu /DAYLIO
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© 2020 - 2021 skfuu
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I really like how the birds turn into flowers

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dfgsdfjgksdjfgjsjdfjgjsldfj awwwwwww thank you soooo muuuuuchhhh~~~~~~~~~:iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz:
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Am I in heaven 😇

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dfgsldfjgsjdfjgljskdfjgksjk awwwwwwwwwwww thank you soooo muuuuuchhhh~~~~~~~~~:iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz::iconifaintplz:
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Your welcome 😊

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Beautiful work! 💞

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AAWW OMG~~~~~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH ~~~!!!! :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz:
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omg she so precious hehehe uwu

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fghfhgjdhfhg OMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK YOU SO MUCH~~! :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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AAHHH SHE'S INCREDIBLE HEREEEEEEEEEEE ;;___;;!!!! LOVE HOW YOU DID HER SGSFSGSG!!;;!! <3 <3 always happy to see our designs done by you dear!!T////T!!!

- Marie
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kjfgkljldksfjgkljskldjfklgjklsdjfklgklsjdfljgkjskfjgksdf kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Piffi-senpaiiiiithank you very much ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:iconinamiblushplz::iconinamiblushplz::iconinamiblushplz: so happy to hear it from you >//////<
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dsgkjfkdsfjgdhjsgfjdhsgf OMIGOSH THANK YOU VERY MUCCCHHHHHHHHHH~~~!!!! :iconblushuplz: :iconblushuplz: :iconblushuplz: :iconblushuplz:
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oh my god your coloring is goldy
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FSGHDFHGKJDH AAWWW KYAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK YOU SO MUCH~~! :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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I really love your coloring style ^^
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ouyuoitroyuoertyglhkkdflkghlkdlgk OMGGGG thank you very much~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz:
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Aw such a cute baby, reminds me of a strawberry XD Her necklace is so beautiful and do I spot a matching hairpin?? The bird familiars are so fluffly and cute balls and I really love all the tiny green leaves, such a nice contrasting color as well <33
skfuu's avatar
FGFGGHJKFDGHJFKDJGHJDKG KYAAAAAAAAAA thank you very much~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz::iconblushu2plz: SENPAI YOU'RE TOO KIND >///////<
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OMGG!! so pretty Q//////Q 
those sparkling eyes <33333 //heart melts
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dfgksfdjkglsdfjglkjsldfjgdsf awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you very muuuuuchhhh~~~~~~~:iconmoeblushplz::iconmoeblushplz::iconmoeblushplz::iconmoeblushplz:
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OML i havent been here in soooo long but i seen ALOT of inprove meant in ur works omg keep it up wow its so detail BEAUTIFUL and FABOLOUS

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Fjaifjjaudjfh OMG kyaa thank you so much :iconmoeblushplz::iconmoeblushplz::iconmoeblushplz:
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Wow! Pretty as always~! I do love how sparkly her hair and eyes are!!! I also love the little birdies on the side, they're so adorable~!!
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