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Erilia ID - Hugo Silva (HIVE)

By skettiyeti

Hugo Silva
Alias: HIVE
Age: 32
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Brazilian - Erilian
Gender: Male (he/him)
Height: 6 foot 3 inches (he's a tall boy.)

Occupation: University Professor - teaches Environmental Science - Melittologist
Affiliation: Villain/Vigilante(?)
Rank: Low. Not that many civilians know about him, but the government does. He tries to stay off the grid as much as possible, which is easy with his bees.
Class: Medium-High. He targets a lot of government run things that involve the environment. He steps on a lot of toes.

Personality/other: Hugo lives very much in his own head. He is constantly thinking about several things at once, trying to balance his civilian life with his other goals as a Villain/Vigilante. He has an overwhelming love for bees and the environment, and will do anything to help when he can. His moral code is dubious, as he has no problem disposing of someone who poses a threat to the environment. He lights up the most when he is talking about science, bees, nature, anything of that ilk. He is 100% a mama's boy and sends money to her to help her when he can. Over time as he as grown up, he's lost a bit of spark in his life. He feels happiest when he is contributing to the world. This is why he is almost always working, whether it be related to teaching, or conducting experiments at his lab at home, or doing "jobs". If he is not working, he feels antsy and nervous. He doesn't know properly how to let loose/relax. Friendly, talks too much.

Background: When Hugo was a child and living in Rio in Brazil, he lived with his mother and father. His father died on Festivale, when Hugo caught him with someone other than his own mother. His father died soon after having a severe allergic reaction to being stung by a bee. This is when Hugo realized that he had a special power. Over time, he began to become obsessed with bees, which brought about several therapy sessions that ultimately served no good. As he learned more about bees, he began to learn about the environment in tandem. Being in Brazil, a lot of deforestation had been going on, which further sparked his interest in the environment. One thing lead to another, and he was quite the activist at a young age, and went on to earn a Masters in Environmental Science.

Abilities: Hugo has a mind control power, but it doesn't work on humans. Bees have a specific liking to him and will respond to his subconscious will, while other animals take his focus to control. Some animals are harder or easier to control. Mind control also includes the ability to see through the eyes of any animal he is controlling (this ability only works on one animal at a time). Hugo also has the ability to move extremely quietly. He is immune to most toxins. He has training in hand to hand combat as well, but he hardly uses it. He also has a dart gun that he carries with him. There are various doses (stun, sleep, toxins). 

Weaknesses: (positive) His mother, bees, wildlife of any kind, nature, the spark in the eyes of young pupils
Weaknesses: (negative) fire, electricity, being alone

  • Occasionally recognized in the newspaper and science journals for his work.
  • Old newspaper articles exist that mention him, a fresh kid of 20 as an environmental activist, though he never gained much traction
  • Hugo has a chronic cough. Other than that, he is missing his right arm which he has a bionic replacement for.

  • In Hugo's lab, he genetically modifies bees to make them stronger and more resilient. He also does other harmless experiments, like modifying bio luminescent bees, large pet bees, etc. He has humane hives for them in his backyard where they mostly roam free. 
ooohh my gosh I've been typing forever I think that's enough for now

Art/character (c) me :iconskettiyeti:

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He is 10/10 and I lOVE his suit! 
I kinda want a comm of him and his bee with Cylis and Beedrill that aestheticccc
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thank you so much friend!!! 

(im already thinking about making another char, maybes a civilian...)

Also yaaas they would look so cool together hot damn xD
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Of course! <3

(bruh do it)

Right though?? Like these suits these babes UHG yes please