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Make Like A Tree...

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How did they move that big tree trunk to Twilights castle anyway?
Good decoy there Spike, I can't see any repercussions coming from that brilliant play!

I'm gonna try and do one of these for each episode....Luna help us all....

Art belongs to Shane "The Sketchy" Phillips

Ponies belong to Hasbro 
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Apr 14, 2015, 8:00:36 PM
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I must say, I would be distracted by that. In fact, I'm the type of guy who get distract very easy; whether its a butterfly or a big explosion.
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"I'm gonna try and do one of these for each episode"

...Yeeeeeaaaaah, I don't see that happening.
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I'm not gonna do them the day they fucking come out
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Alright, that makes more sense. I've seen a few artists try to do it the day of.
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Hah, nice XD
I love their expressions, especially that "oh crap" face the Mane 5 have xD Nice colors too~
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They're all like, WTF Spike?!
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"Slowly get this oversize burt piece of a tree to the castle."
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Lol, hilarious!
And you used marker pens to colour too, which is awesome! I haven't seen those used by anyone in ages.
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That's how I do all my work!
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Perfect distraction!
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Brilliant. Scene explained. Back to the Future style - YEAH!!! /)
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..."and get out of here!"
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That part where Spike fires the gun looks like a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy, where Starlord suddenly dances in front of Ronan when Ronan is about to reach to the Infinity Stone.
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Haven't seen that movie yet
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Hey Spike, where you goin' with that gun in your hand
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I see what you did there
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Alright! Who gave Spike the gun? Was it you, Sketchy?
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Holy crap! It never occurred to me how they got it inside...
Suggested Headcanon: Applejack kicked a hole big enough for the tree (& hopefully very strong rope) to be moved inside. The outer walls are regenerating crystals, & spike now has a late-nite crystal snack from the pile made from the kicking without being yelled at by Twilight for nomming on the castle.
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