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Welp, had to go around being in a different location without my own comp, but my girlfriend graciously allowed me to both work on this during my week with her as well as use her computer to post it. Thus my entry to :iconevo-obsessed-club:'s eXchange contest was born.
However i did forget to re-check my prompt before making this so I actually missed a pretty important thing about Pietro's coat, left me feeling pretty silly. I hope :iconarger: will forgive me for that and take a short fanfic as compensation. ^^;
Though I might draw the prompt all proper later, once I'm back in my own home.
Anyway, Happy holidays all :iconevo-obsessed-club: folks!

Fanfic, rated G

Bayville, being in New York, wasn’t prone to the warmest winters. This particular one left Pietro wishing for something a bit less frigid, like a trip to the arctic.
The speedster huffed and folded his arms tightly, kicking at a stray bit of snow on the sidewalk. It may have been a bit warmer inside the Brotherhood house, but Toad and Blob had turned the televisions volume on high to help the former ignore how his joints were locking up. Really it was easier to brave the cold, boring as it was.
Pietro walked to town, towards the shops, not running only because the ice would make him slip and crack his head. Christmas was past, but some good sales were still around, and the speedster bet he could find a good pair of shoes on sale, and at the rate he tore through his, he’d need new ones soon.
The trek was a bit of a lonely one, and Pietro wasn’t the type to enjoy solitude. He was more prone to flit about and find new people to talk to, annoy, or flirt with every few minutes.
So when he turned a corner and spotted a person, his first reaction was to grin… Until he recognized the long red jacket.
The girl turned, short black hair and makeup not nearly as familiar to Pietro as her eyes, sharp and clever just like when they were kids… Granted she hadn’t wanted to beat him up when they were kids, which was more common nowadays.
“What do you want, Pietro?”
The speedster winced at the harsh tone and accusing glare, but approached anyway, figuring he could always run away if she was in a bad mood. “Nothing, you’re just heading the way I’m going, weird coincidence.”
She frowned and shrugged, a motion that let her brother relax a bit. She let out a grunt of understanding then went back to walking.
Pietro could have passed her or kept his distance, something normal for him, but something made him catch up and fall in step with his twin instead. Probably the weather. Cold wet and miserable, there was also something to be said for how many memories snow could hold. Snow days and sledding and ice-skating… You always seemed to remember those things, even when you got older, and you remembered the fun it was and the people you were with. You remember the good old times, especially when someone from those memories is right beside you.
“Hey, Wanda? You remember when we were kids? When winter rolled around and we got into snowball fights and stuff?”
The witch frowned; eyes narrowed as she looked over at her brother, analyzing him as if he was trying t trick her into something. After a moment she seemed satisfied that he wasn’t, and looked ahead again, not looking at him while she answered.
“Yes. I liked making snowmen more than snowball fights though, less wet snow trickling down my neck.”
A smirk came onto the speedsters lips, more memories popping into his mind, of needing to work together to make the bottom part of the snowman big enough, and wondering why their top hat wasn’t bringing their creation to life.
“I kinda miss those days…”
They walked along in silence for another minute, Pietro lost in his thoughts and wondering if his sister was doing the same.
The speedster stopped after a while, letting Wanda get ahead of him, just watching her walk away. A lot had changed for them…
He glanced back at where they’d been walking, at a snowdrift a small ways back.
…One thing hadn’t changed much, his maturity level.
With a grin, the speedster made a dash to the drift, both hands grabbing cold snow and packing it tight, super-speed making it only a few second before he’d gotten both handfuls into perfect round spheres, the same amount of time it took him to re-catch his balance on the slippery ground. He lost it again as he turned, skidding a few feet as he aimed and fired, making one snowball whap right into his sisters’ back.
Wanda froze up, cringing; shoulders tense for a few long seconds before she turned around, eyes wide and shocked. Another few seconds, an eternity to a speedster who was holding his breath, Wanda grinned, mirroring her brother. Her hands began to glow, as did a snowdrift a yard away from her.
“You’re going to regret that.”

When both Maximoffs got colds the next day, sniffling and sneezing, there were no regrets at all.
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Love the story and the picture :D
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Awww thank you!! I really love yur style and the little fanfic~ haha~ don't worry about the coat :D
Wandas expression compensates anything hahahaha~ thank youuuu!!