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Wyngro - Hinode App by SketchyDemon Wyngro - Hinode App by SketchyDemon
Name: Hinode
Known As: Hinode (will not respond to any other name)
Sex: Male
Subspecies: Standard Wyngro
Creation: Donated Design
Hatch Location: The Woods (specific location unknown)
Upgrades: Hair Tuft, Tiny Horn (Nose), Cheek Spikes, Butt Spikes, Accessory, Unusual Colors

Hinode is an intense adventurer who always seems to be on the move looking for something to do and discovering things with his own paws! Books? No no! That's the boring way to learn! He much prefers action over reading and will bound away from school whenever they try making him sit and read dusty old books. He wants to be out in the world, to explore, to be heard! Though perhaps not known; when complaints roll in of torn up yards, missing contraptions and nick-nacks, appliances and furniture pulled to pieces, things he may or may not have been involved with, Hinode becomes a master of stealth and is nowhere to be found, only re-emerging when the dust has settled and everyone has moved on. Then it's right back to seeking out new discoveries!

Hinode was born to a small group of nomadic Wyngro who acclaimed to be both explorers of new lands and hardy warriors hailing from far and wide, though what truth lies beyond such claims is uncertain. Regardless of their true histories it could not be denied they were rather refined fighters, perhaps warriors who retired from a line of work in order to venture the world rather than stay at a post all day and night; there weren't many, perhaps five or six, and Hinode was the only child to be born among them, and many sought to teach him the art of adventure on top of self defense. After all, you never know what could lurk in the dense woods of a forest or the thick snow-covered hills of mountains.
Unfortunately fate had dealt Hinode a different hand. He was not among this group for long when he was separated amid the chaos of his family fighting and warding off a gaggle of thieves that had been lurking in the shadows; not capable of fending for himself at such a young and inexperienced age he was ordered to flee the area and not to return, no matter what.
He spent what felt like ages going in circles in the woods. Even during daylight it was hard to see as the trees blocked out the sun, and when he did manage to crawl out of bundle of trees he always seemed to find himself stumbling into another. Hinode grew weak, tired, famished, and soon his weary legs were barely carrying him on. The falls, the trips, the scrapes and bruises, he did everything he could to tough through it all and find somewhere to eat and rest, someone to help him.
Instead, he slid down a steep, slippery bank from morning rains, clinging for dear life as a mangled knot of overgrown thorny brush threatened to end him from below should he lose his grip and fall into it's waiting maw.
Luck was on his side this day, though, as a Runeboo had spotted him and went running for the nearest Wyngro, bringing back a rather startled and nerve-wracked Saga to rescue the poor child.
It took coaxing from her before the exhausted Wyngling was willing to trust she'd help, but she pulled him to safety and rushed him into town as quickly as she could, Runeboo in tow.
As starved and worn as Hinode was it took an extended amount of time to get him back into good health; he was malnourished, sick, riddled with scratches and bruises, and infested with little bugs of all kinds. There was talk he wouldn't make it, but Hinode's will to live pulled through with the nurture of Alma and Saga.
Hinode now resides at the Nook, memory of how he had gotten into the woods and what happened prior blurred too much for him to properly recall, though he hasn't fully forgotten it.

-Pretty much obsessed with Saga with claims she is his "guardian angel" and vows to repay and protect her; she feels very awkward about the whole thing.
-Gets mad jelly of Ezekiel whenever he gets to go hang out with Saga and Hinode can't follow along.
-He has high ambitions of becoming a warrior who can guard and protect those he cares for and makes claims his adventurous bouts are "training sessions", though many disagree.
-Has good intentions but is honestly a general nuisance who breaks too much stuff :I
-Seriously, he'll vanish before your very eyes if he thinks he's about to get in trouble. Poof, he gone.




Tagging mai boi MadamKairi because this child is going to heckle the snot out of EZ just u w8 m8

Hinode and artwork (c) :iconsketchydemon:
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WwolfDublagens Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018
another babu ;3;
SketchyDemon Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Another one for the hoooooard
WwolfDublagens Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018
yeaaah!  please don't run away this time *hug Hinode and pat him* why all your gros are cute?;w;
MadamKairi Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ooooooo he gonna be mad when Ez is spending time with Saga durning magic class! Lol
SketchyDemon Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
He already mad and doesn't technically exist yet xD gonna see his beady little eyes squinting through the bushes at them filled with all that jealousy. Saga senpai must notice him
MadamKairi Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ez is just like "Woah lil dude calm down. What's the problem??"
SketchyDemon Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
//snort// Hinode just responds with the most #triggered expression you can imagine while angrily vibrating in place
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