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Tyrannosaurus muscle anatomy study

Here's my muscle anatomy study of Tyrannosaurus, featuring both an adult and a juvenile. Gathering various references for archosaur muscles, creating the base models, and then actually committing to finishing this one has turned me into a bit of a T. wreck... (I actually finished it just before new year, hence the date ;) )

The idea behind this reconstruction was to show an interpretation of the anatomy with most of the superficial tissues removed, so that it could potentially be built on in different ways.

This is primarily a depiction of the New York T. rex (AMNH 5027), with various other skeletons helping to fill in the gaps. Most notably, the New York T. rex doesn't have any limbs. The limbs are based mainly on The Nation's T. rex/Wankel (USNM 555000/MOR 555) which has a similar size and build to the NY skeleton. The original description and historical photographs of the AMNH specimen, casts of various elements that I've been able to look at in museum collections, and this photoscan of the current AMNH mount itself by Thomas Flynn (…) were all useful resources for visualising the skeleton prior to reconstructing the muscles.

Useful dinosaur muscle resources:…
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Is this based on any specific specimen, or is this supposed to be a generic T. rex?

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Daaaaaaamn, dat boi got some thicc tail booty!

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great work on the muscles :D

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Fantastic! I love your muscle anatomy diagrams. I will have to use them for a reconstruction soon :)

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