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Matt Dempsey
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Matt Dempsey, aka Sketchy-raptor

Currently a palaeontology masters student ornithopod dinosaur biomechanics at The University of Manchester's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Soon to be a musculoskeletal biology PhD student studying form, function and macroevolution in dinosaurs at The University of Liverpool EMB lab (as of October 2019).

Geology enthusiast, artist, cinephile, video game fan and comic book nerd.

Enjoy my gallery, and feel free to ask questions and leave comments!

Follow me on twitter for palaeontological discourse, more art and other things of interest:

Check out my portfolio on ArtStation for better breakdowns of my more recent works:…
The official offer came in - as of October, I'll be doing a PhD in form, function and macroevolution in dinosaurs at the University of Liverpool as part of the Evolutionary Morphology and Biomechanics group!

The 3.5 year placement will be based around building a more confident understanding of dinosaur musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics. I'll be compiling a rigorous database of archosaurian muscle data via dissection before attempting to extrapolate this data onto 3D dinosaur skeletons in order to build detailed moving models. This will all be part of a greater attempt to answer broader questions about the evolution of locomotion in dinosaurs, and will evaluate how we assess the link between form and function in both extinct and extant taxa.

One of the most exciting things about this placement is the collaborative element with the Natural History Museum, London. I'll have access to their full dinosaur collection to aid the construction of my skeletal models via various scanning techniques.

Throughout the project, I'll be supervised by Dr. Karl Bates, Dr. Susannah Maidment and Dr. Nathan Jeffery, all big figures in the field of animal biomechanics and/or dinosaur palaeontology. I feel extremely honoured by the opportunity to work with these individuals.

This is pretty much my dream placement, and I'd like to thank all of my friends, supervisors, tutors and colleagues that have helped me on my way.


Slightly visible fenestra margins and other externally discernable skull landmarks do not neccesarily make a piece of dinosaur palaeoart "shrinkwrapped". As long as one doesn't make the animal look emaciated and give the impression of unrealistic "sinking" of the soft tissues into fenestrations by overdefining the outlines, there are actually more options to explore than one may realise. Due to the change in the soft tissues directly covering the skull between the fenestrae/fossae and other surfaces, it's not totally unreasonable to speculate that bony margins margins would express some kind of subtle surface landmark in some cases. In other cases, it would be equally reasonable to illustrate a total lack of such landmarks.

Ultimately, there's no single convenient analogue for how we should be restoring the facial subcutaneous tissues of dinosaurs in areas unassociated with robust integumentary correlates. Take a look at Cathartes aura (the turkey vulture), where the skull morphology is quite discernable in life. Then, compare it to other closely related cathardids with rather similar skulls, where one will observe excessive tissues largely obscuring any bony landmarks. 

I believe that there may be a bit of a greater misconception throughout the palaeoart community regarding what "shrinkwrapping" really is, and when it's actually a real problem worth criticising. Maybe I'll talk about this in more detail more at a later date. In short, what I would define as "shinkwrapping" has much more to do with the commonly illustrated absence of various soft tissues that can reliably inferred to have been present (often at a deeper level than integument and subcutaneous tissue layers), and far less to do with the conservative reconstruction of more superficial/subcutaneous tissue volumes. 

While I do have my own thoughts, I've remained relatively neutral when discussing how we should be restoring extra-oral tissues in theropods. However, an odd thing I've noticed is that some (not all) attempts at lipless illustrations seem to significantly lack gingival tissues.

Well, would you look at that. I sketched some Tyrannosaurus. Totally not a predictable route... I swear that I'm actually an ornithischian specialist, honest!…
Something a bit different - a dinosaur toy recommendation that ties into a neat part of Tyrannosaurus palaeoart history:…
Here's a twitter thread about Walking with Dinosaurs and the state of palaeo-media aimed at kids and general audiences. Just something that I've had on my mind recently:…


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