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Kazuko Mizuno - Acid Butterfly

Character  Kazuko Mizuno
Drew Akina-a’s character Kazuko for her Birthday! ⚡✨⚡

Happy Birthday to you Akina! Hope hope you have an easygoing and wonderful Birthday! ✨🥳✨

Akina’s art is some of the most lively and colorful art I’ve seen! Her pieces have so much energy and vibrancy to them! It’s awesome! (^◡^) Please go check out her work! She’s incredibly sweet and her art is so dang cool! (^w^)

Also, I felt really inspired by the song “Your Sunset” by Taku Inoue from the TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 Soundtrack while working on this piece! It’s such a nice song! 💕

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Done with Clip Studio Paint EX
August 13, 2021
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Holy crap I love her so much! 💖💖💖

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Aww thank you so much!! (^w^) Akina's characters are seriously so cute! (>w<)

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I'm personally a fan of gritty looking lineart.

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Oh! Me too! I really enjoy lineart that has a little bit of texture! (^v^)

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Ooh, those colors are so vibrant! :D

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Ahh! Thank you so much!! (^-^)

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Thank you so much!! x)

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Great pose! You have a very nice style ^^💘

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Ah! Oh gosh shucks! Thank you so much!! (>w<) I'm so glad you like it! (^-^)

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YOu are welcome :D

Your welcome 🙏

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You made this day even better! 💕✨ Thank you!:3🌸💫

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Ahhh! Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that!! 💕(>w<)💕 Your art is seriously so wonderful! (^w^)

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That looks amazing! Happy birthday!

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