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Gorillaz - It's the Music That We Choose (V1)

Character  Gorillaz

Drew the Gorillaz (Murdoc Niccals, 2-D, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs)!

Check out Version 2 of this piece! (^-^) :…

I adore everything about this band! The characters, the animations, the lore, and of course the incredible music! I can’t get enough of them! (^w^)

If I had to pick a few of my favorite songs, I’d have to go with (in no particular order):

5/4, Empire Ants, DARE, Tomorrow Comes Today, 19-2000, Humility, Double Bass, Re-Hash, Stylo, Strobelite, Strange Timez, Andromeda, Rhinestone Eyes, Film Music and Film Music (Mode Remix), Rockit, Tranz, Dirty Harry, Aries, New Genius (Brother), Désolé, We Are Happy Landfill, Broken, Faust, Spitting Out the Demons, and Chalk Tablet Towers.

...It’s more than a few I know haha xD. What are some of your favorite Gorillaz tracks? (^_^)

Done with Clip Studio Paint EX
November 2020

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I just started to get back into them and have over 200 pics n stuff on my phone. Really happy I get to see more amazing art!

I also really like: Saturnz Bars, Feel Good Inc, DARE, Andromeda, 19-2000, Aries, Desole, Dirty Harry, TRANZ, Humility, Kids with Guns, Clint Eastwood, Plastic Beach, On Melancholy Hill, Rhinestone Eyes, Rockit, Rock the House and Sleeping Powder.

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Aww sucks! Thank you! Glad you like how the gang turned out here! (>w<)

Oooh! Them's some good choices as well! (^w^)

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I just adore Noodles pose and 2Ds happy face xD

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I forgot Valley of the Pagans bc of Noodle driving skills xD

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One of my favourite bands drawn by one of my favourite DeviantArtists... I see this as an absolute win! :D

Glad to hear that you're a fan too. And yes, just a few songs that you've selected there... :XD:

Picking a favourite song is no easy task, but I remember being hyped for On Melancholy Hill when I saw them live.

Are you going to watch their livestream concert next month? :)

SketchMeNot-Art's avatar

Aww you're too sweet! Thank you!! (>w<)

Hell yeah! I'm excited! I also ordered the Gorillaz Almanac! Love me some artbooks hehe! I still need to get my hands on Rise of the Ogre. It's so pricey now though (T~T)

TomZoner's avatar

That's alright! Just sharing the truth. ;P

Excellent! I'm curious to see how this livestream concert will work, considering the current restrictions.

Ah, so you're a collector, are you? :meow: I'm not, but I have got all their albums, though! Have you got a favourite?

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Good job :D

SketchMeNot-Art's avatar


Thanks dude! Glad you like it! (^_^)

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You welcome sis! You did a good with them -w-

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Love the Gorillaz too!!
Mine would be Clint Eastwood; DARE, 19-2000, Dirty Harry, and Rhinestone Eyes as well; Feel Good Inc., Doncomatic, Meloncholy Hill, Rock the House, and Hollywood

There's more but I can't remember them all right now
SketchMeNot-Art's avatar

Hell yeah! Those are some good choices too! So many good songs and an awesome catalogue to choose from indeed! (^w^)

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Oh almost forgot about the Highway song!
Idk the name but it goes "'Cause I'm building a highway back, back to the heart of things."
SketchMeNot-Art's avatar

Oh! Highway (Under Construction)! That's a good one too! All the songs on their "-Sides" albums are so underrated! Good stuff! (^-^)

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I should take a look at more of those it seems, haha.
Such a chill song
Oh wow, how could I forget my most favorite? Every Planet We Reach is Dead
The build up and lyrics always gets me
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This is so great!!

SketchMeNot-Art's avatar

Ahh! Aww thank you so much!! Glad you like it man! (>w<)

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