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Beleth - Sing You Sinners!

Character  Beleth
Belated birthday art for the lovely OpheliaNevermore (her Bday was back in October haha (TvT) ) Drew her character Beleth again! I will always forever adore Beleth and her design. She’s just so damn cool and glamorous and her design is so dang perfect aaahhhhhh (>o<)

Also, yay I'm alive! Hahaha xD School's just been eating up every bit of my personal time x,)

Beleth belongs to :iconophelianevermore:
Check out her art!! (^w^) 🖤💜

Done with Clip Studio Paint EX
November 2019
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This is stunning! The lighting is amazing (and also I'm a sucker for anything purple!!!)

Also the eyes, mouths and bone-like arms make me think of the grim creatures from RWBY!

SketchMeNot-Art's avatar

Ahh! Thank you so much!! Glad you like how she turned out! It was a super fun piece to work on! (^-^)

Godzillaking2020's avatar

Fucking Scary Cool !!!! Good Job i love the dark Purple is soo Dark it can give someone Goosebumps!CreepyPasta Laughing Jack

SketchMeNot-Art's avatar

Hahaha Thank you so much hehe! (^v^) This was definitely a challenging piece and I'm really happy with how she came out! x3 Beleth's always a blast to draw!

Godzillaking2020's avatar

i bet it took a lot of work am proud of ya :] i will keep support and keep enjoying your lovely fancy art

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This looks so great! I especially like the hair~

SketchMeNot-Art's avatar
Ah! Oh gosh thank you so much! Haha the hair was definitely a challenge x,D
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You want us to sing? Well, alright...
Dalicris's avatar
Stunning. The detail, the effects and the lighting, everything! Wonderful work as always.
SketchMeNot-Art's avatar
Oh gosh, thank you so much! That means a lot to hear (>w<)
Keldfelle's avatar
This is amazing!! So much detail, it's beautiful and scary too aahh :)!!
SketchMeNot-Art's avatar
Ahh! Oh gosh thank you so much!! I'm glad you like it! (>w<)
Keldfelle's avatar
I do, absolutely stupendous! :) 
SuperHyperSonic2000's avatar
Marvelous work. Seriously this looks really good.
SketchMeNot-Art's avatar
Ah! Yay! Thank you so much!! (>v<)
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Is Splendid!!
SketchMeNot-Art's avatar
OpheliaNevermore's avatar

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN QwQ!! this is absolutely AMAZING and im so humbled by all of the work and skill that you put into it ;w;! thank u for drawing my girl

SketchMeNot-Art's avatar
Ahh! Oh gosh yay! Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like it!! (>w<) Means the world to me to hear that hehe (^w^) I'll never stop loving to draw your characters! 💚💚💚
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