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Just a reminder... Commissions are open, as they typically always are. Here's the basic rules;

- Most cases, I will not simply make a reskin of an existing image, unless the context applies otherwise to where it's okay.
- Inappropriate requests will, of course, be denied, unless you want a silly picture of a pony in lingerie. (this includes things like fetish-based requests)
- Make sure your request message has proper spelling and punctuation. I need to be able to tell what you're requesting of me instead of looking at a pile of horrendous grammar and spelling.
+ I will do vectors involving OCs and canon characters in intimate relationships now; those of you who want that, hope that makes you happy. Draw ALL the ships!
++ I will not do vectors involving extremely over-the-top OCs. I've got my limits, you know.

Also, because it apparently still needs saying,
I don't do Requests anymore.

Other things disallowed from commissions
- Anything that involves Sonic
- Gorey or grimdark types of scenes
- Sex. Indirect implications are kind of okay I guess.

If you want to commission me, send it in through a Note. I'll only accept commissions through there.

Also, if you want to use one of my images, but it's a commission, please ask the me and commissioner, who is always linked in the description of the piece, before doing so.

Also, for those of you who are cash-impaired but have deviantART points instead, I take those for a different type of commission; Pointy Pony Point Commissions!

Or, if you just wanna give me a little support, you can buy me a cup o' cocoa via Ko-Fi!

'ey, making a journal post too for those of you who skim over my sketch-based posts. I'm onto you, any of you who do that.

So, yes, commissions are now finally, at long last, open!
You can find all the information regarding commissions here: Sketch does Commissions!

And for those of you who only have points here on dA to spare, here's an option for you; Pointy Pony Point Commissions!
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New account name!

Thu Dec 18, 2014, 6:37 PM
'ello, JustinKWork here, now known as SketchMCreations.

Thanks to TheDodgerBrony, I can finally change my account name.  
To tell a story, I was only named what I was before because this account was originally made for a different purpose that didn't live very long.

Feared Above All - TARDIS Console Room by SketchMCreations
<random embed version of my TARDIS interior vector to go with this journal skin>

So, yes, I am now known as SketchMCreations. Just lettin' ya know.

Right then, that's done with, keep calm and flutter on!
    ~ SketchMCreations (Formerly JustinKWork

Skin by mondscheinsonate , "Doctor Who" produced by BBC
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Art is a thing.
You draw whatever you fancy, and if you come to be particularly good at drawing something in particular,
then you continue to draw whatever that is. Which is then known as practice. Practicing the skill of drawing whatever it is you've drawn. 
You keep on doing that, until it's the thing you're best at drawing. Then you upload it to the internet, if the mood strikes you.
Practice makes perfect, as does having art class with a good art teacher for at least two years in a row.

Contour line drawing, the lesson I'll never forget.



EDIT: Aaand it's done for today. It'll be back again at 11:30, so hold onto your hats if you missed it!
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