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Vector - Meet the Sparkles

I was going to insert a joke relating to Meet the Sniper here, but nah, screw it.

Also, their voices are literally their kids' voices in deeper tones. They're voiced by Tara Strong and Andrew Francis. I mean, I know genetics is a thing, but really.

why did i have a mental image of twilight velvet just directly being tara strong when she spoke?
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Two reasons for the vocal choices I think:
A. Production costs (yes, I can understand Twilight Velvet sounding like her daughter, but I expected someone like George Clooney to be voicing Night Light instead of Andrew Francis :/).
B. The idea that Twilight's balance of nerdiness, good bearing and touch of crazy is something that runs in her family (see also Shining Armor in "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" and his Lesson Zero-esque expressions in the season premiere).
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"Meet the Sparkles" would make a great sitcom.

And it was great to hear them talk! Though I do wish that they'd not sounded like their kids with just a lower pitch, I'll take what I can get! 
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I think the whole idea of a "Canterlot Royal Family Sitcom" would be good (better than Equestria Girls becoming the next Land Before Time in terms of Sequelitis*, but I digress...). It's not something the show is doing, it's not something the comics are doing, and fans (even, say, :iconncmares: or :iconsilfoe:) can only go so far.