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Vector - Hoversmart

Is it wrong that the only thing I'm thinking of here is how soft she must be in the event of an embrace?

Because she looks pretty damn cuddly.
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Do you ever have anything else to say about your liking of images here on deviantART? Maybe an in-depth analysis or two, or just a greater variance of voicing your happiness over the cute factor of an image?

I'm saying this over a genuine concern that you either never have anything else to say or that you're just making copypasta comments constantly.
I don't copy and paste that so cute comment but it's hard for me to think of anything else to say but anyway I love those vectors and I lvoe cute stuff
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Perhaps sometimes when you can't think of anything unique to say, it's best to just not say anything, at least externally.

I mean, someone could see your repeated comments of identical nature, and mark them as spam. It can happen.
hmm you're right I should try to figure out what else to say besides that