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Model - Canterlot High School Props Pack



This download includes a collection of props from my Canterlot High map, for use in either decorating the DIY Classroom spaces, or else use elsewhere, if you have such a desire to use some CHS props in another location. It's highly recommended to download the whole map instead, as it comes with this props pack, but if just downloading the props pack is your prerogative, then I can't stop you. I'm a description, not a cop.

Still, find the main map download here;
Map - Canterlot High School by SketchMCreations

Also, to note; You do not need this pack to view the map properly, it is only a separate collection of props for easy convenience of scenebuilding!

The props in this pack were created by me, Dracagon, and Stefano96
The props included are:
- Two Apple family-brand crates, a la Where The Apple Lies (short and long)
- Celestia's chair, trashbin, and desk (Trashbin has two skins)
- The school alarm bell (two variants, one with only the dome part)
- The art canvas + easel as seen in the Summertime Short 'The Art of Friendship' (includes separate skins for Sunset and Pinkie's paintings, and separate variants with and without an addition to the collision mesh to help the prop stand on its own)
- The stools from the art room and the yearbook room
- The bench from the Freshman Fair photo of the Mane 5
- 6 differently-colored book props
- Celestia and Luna's bulletin boards from in their offices
- The cabinets from the art room and the yearbook room
- The ceiling light model (includes 3 skins)
- The wooden chair found in Luna's office, also used for standard teacher desks in classrooms
- The TV and VCR combo set from Cranky's classroom
- The library computer (includes two skins)
- The standard teacher desk
- Luna's desk, chair, and flowerpot vase
- A fire extinguisher case
- The framed picture from Celestia's second shelf
- The door frame and all the door props
- Two variants of the hall pillar (normal height and tall, with the normal variant having two skins)
- The electric mixer, stove, wood bowl and jars from the Home Ec. class
- 5 locker props; a single locker with the dark and light variants, a pair of lockers, a trio of lockers, and a quartet of lockers
- The flagpole from Celestia and Luna's office
- A PA intercom
- 7 different shelf models (inclusive of Celestia and Luna's shelves)
- The tables from the art room and the cafeteria
- 9 different trophies (Drac made most of those)
- The vending machine, with a reverse-direction variant and a lowres variant with the contents only being a flat texture
- A wallclock and a wallphone
- 3 hanging banner props
- The student desk and chairs, variants included

So, there you go. Props pack. To reiterate, these props were made by
SketchMCreations (that's me!)
Dracagon (really good at modelling)
Stefano96 (thanks for the assist, buddy)

EDIT: Note! If you are using these props in Source Filmmaker, you must move the following props up to the models/ folder instead of the models/canterlothigh_smc/ folder!
[applecrate.mdl] [applecrate_wide.mdl] [celestia_chair.mdl] [celestia_trashbin.mdl] [chs_artcanvas.mdl] [chs_artcanvas_board.mdl] [chs_artcanvas_easel.mdl] [chs_artcanvas_easel_nosupport.mdl] [chs_artcanvas_nosupport.mdl] [chs_book_blue.mdl] [chs_book_brown.mdl] [chs_book_orange.mdl] [chs_book_peri.mdl] [chs_book_turq.mdl] [chs_book_yellow.mdl] [chs_chair_1.mdl] [chs_frame_1.mdl] [chs_homeec_mixer.mdl] [chs_homeec_woodbowl.mdl] [chs_homeec_woodjar.mdl] [chs_shelf_6.mdl] [chs_trophy_1.mdl] [chs_trophy_2.mdl] [chs_trophy_3.mdl] [chs_trophy_4.mdl] [chs_trophy_5.mdl] [chs_trophy_6.mdl]
[chs_trophy_7.mdl] [chs_trophy_8.mdl] [chs_trophy_tia.mdl] [chs_yearbooks_stool.mdl] [luna_chair.mdl] [luna_vase.mdl]
EDIT 2: Patched some errors.

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Main map download:
Misc. - Canterlot High School
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Some models are damaged and do not work.For example Celestia_chair.