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Map - The CHS Parable



For those of you waiting for the full CHS release, that's going a little rocky, so in the meantime, here's The Stanley Parable recreated under a CHS theme.

I just felt like doing this, you know? The friend I'm collaborating with on the actual school gets quite busy, so in the meantime, I'll provide this so you guys have something. 
Map features include:
- The main office area from TSP (Inclusive of Stanley's office, the Adventure Line corridors, the choice doors, the maintenance shaft, and the boss' office
- Minimal desk decoration so you may decorate them as you please
- 'Functioning' elevators, functional secret passage in the boss' office

Full-res preview images: 
CHSParable Preview1 by SketchMCreations  CHSParable Preview2 by SketchMCreations  CHSParable Preview3 by SketchMCreations  CHSParable Preview4 by SketchMCreations

While this isn't the actual school, you still get a little preview of the assets I've assembled for the project so far. And you can probably do something good with the map, who knows? It's not a particularly serious map, anyways. Also, map does not include Sunset Shimmer ragdoll, nor does it feature a story. If you want a story, uh, take this;

===== INTRODUCTION =====
This is the story of a mare named Sunset.

Sunset was a student in a big high school where she stayed from 4 to 7. In that time of 4 to 7, she sat at her desk and studied magic. Extra instruction came to her through a book on her desk, telling her how magic works, how long it works for, and how complex spells are. This is what she did from 4 to 7 every day of every month of the school year, and although others might have considered it impossible, Sunset kept trying every moment she could, as though she were the only one who could study it. And Sunset was content.
And then one day, something very peculiar happened. Something that would forever change Sunset; something she would never quite forget. She had been at her desk for nearly an hour when she realized that not one single helpful tip had arrived in her book for her to use. No one had shown up to help her out, call a meeting, or even say 'hi.' Never in all her days at the school had this happened, this complete isolation. Something was very clearly wrong.
Shocked, frozen solid, Sunset found herself unable to move for the longest time. But, as she came to her wits and regained her senses, she got up from her desk and stepped out of the room.

===== INTRODUCTION =====

EDIT: Packed in missing computer monitor texture.

Download button is on the right, go crazy if you want. If you happen to make a video here, why not set a link to back here so other people can try it too.
Only posting this here, very miscellaneous. Alright, off you go.

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If tsp is in eqg I'd imagine: "All of her roommates were gone, what could it mean?"

Also, there's a door that leads to the path similar to the way the adventure line did. My favourite part there.