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Map - Flixiplex Cinemas



Busy times are about, but I still want to release more map stuff. So, have another Equestria Girls location; the mall cinema from the Equestria Girls Specials and Summertime Shorts.

This is a nice little map which can be used for either recreational or scene-making purposes. If you use the Media Player addon in Gmod, it also works nicely here.
Map features included:
- Main lobby with partially-stocked concessions stand
- Two identical theatre auditoriums (bar the opposing color schemes to differentiate them) with enough space to accommodate a large Media Player screen
~ In each auditorium, the big lever near the doors toggles the overhead lights, and pressing E on the bottom of the projector window will toggle a placement guide for the large Media Player screen

Full-res preview images:
Flixiplex Preview 1 by SketchMCreations  Flixiplex Preview 3 by SketchMCreations  Flixiplex Preview 2 by SketchMCreations  Flixiplex Preview 4 by SketchMCreations

If you're to use this in Gmod, I recommend having the Media Player and Sit Anywhere Script addons for maximum pleasure. Also, try not to make a mess in the lobby; I only had so much funding left for the cleaning staff, so we have just one janitor we outsourced from somewhere in Europe. He's never around, though, so every time we have to bang on the door until he comes out. Tch. You'd think he'd be more grateful that we gave him the job, since he was kinda out of a job when we took him in. Still, he does his best.

Also, credit to CHILI for a few items from the Food and Household Items addon, and credit to Antimony for the Popcorn bucket model.

EDIT: What do you know, there was one singular texture missing. Added that in.

Download button is on the right, go have fun at the cinema. If you happen to make a video here, it wouldn't hurt to set a link back to here so other people can try it too.

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ooooh mabye i can do sfm pictures with it!