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Map - Canterlot High Gymnasium



EDIT: Slapped that Gmod logo on the preview, because that's a thing people do with manual Gmod downloads, innit?
EDIT 2: According to Stefano96, this map also does work with SFM. Good to know!
Meant to release this earlier, but in the end, it still made it here. Go team.

Little side project I did at one point, this is a Garry's Mod map of the Canterlot High School's Gymnasium! Or gym for short. No idea how often people say "gymnasium" instead of just "gym."
Map features include:
- Full Gymnasium, minus the bits that connect to the rest of the school found backstage
- Extendable/retractable bleachers
- Basketball hoops that can be lowered and raised out of the way
- Stage with movable staircase on the side and miscallaneous stage settings found backstage
- Toggleable curtain

Full-res preview images:
CHSGym Preview1 by SketchMCreations CHSGym Preview2 by SketchMCreations CHSGym Preview3 by SketchMCreations CHSGym Preview4 by SketchMCreations

A bonus aspect, I created every texture in the map, derived from screenshots of the Equestria Girls films! Everything you can see was extrapolated by me. With the obvious exception of the skybox and the one rope found backstage. Also, this map is just the gym, and thus very non-intensive, so I also got out a bucket of floor polish and shined up the floors. You can see yourself in the floors! AKA, it's reflective. There IS a map of the full school planned, and while that has an undetermined development date presently, it won't have the shiny gym floor. Probably.

Download button is on the right, give it a whirl if you want. If you happen to make a video here, don't forget to link back here so other people can try it out too.
Also, I'm only posting this to deviantART and derpibooru, because I don't trust the Workshop community not to make a fuss over things. If you want to take that responsibility, just ask me first. A'ight, have fun.

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