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Uploading deviations at 2 AM like a boss. (go back to sleep, Sonata)
I like to draw things,
and the thing I'm best at drawing is
Ponies, apparently.
I changed my icon to Chrysalis for Halloween, but now I like it too much to change back.

If you wanna call me by name, just call me Sketch. Or Mythos. But mostly Sketch. Whatever works.

I do sketches of characters, both pony and EqG humans, and I also do vectors. Rarely, I'll make something and upload a picture, as well. I do all of this, but it seems my vector work is most popular among my gallery items.

What's my method for choosing moments from the show to vector? I'm basically the photographer from Earthbound. Except with at least 95% less background involved.

Want to use one of my vectors? Here's the process; if the title has Vector - in the name, then it's possible, you just have to leave a comment asking about it. If it's a Commission - piece, you have to ask me and then the commissioner about it. Really for the most part those are the only things where its up in the air. For my Equestria Girls Alternate Outfits series, well, the answer really depends on what your plans are. So, to reiterate,

If you want to use one of my vectors, please ask first.

I do commissions, but before you send that Note, be sure to read the rules first.
And if you use my vectors for anything, give me credit in some way, shape or form. If I happen to come across a piece that has used one of my vectors, I can recognize my own strokework from a mile away.

And this apparently still needs saying, but I don't do requests anymore. If you want me to do them, find a time machine and go back a few years.

And if it needs saying, I don't need to be dealing with incoherent rabble, so don't be bringing that here unless you want a trip to Blockland. And no, I don't mean the cheap-looking PC game of the same name.

also, if you're still thinking of flinging an insult my way anyways after reading the above statement; remember that i make money drawing cartoon horses and you're just some person posting pointless insults across digital space that do no more than waste everyone's time

In the name of the Goddess Hylia... I offer this final trial!


Also known as: SecminourTheThird


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My YouTube channel for vectoring and maps and such;…

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
MLP Equestria Girls, Harry Potter, UP, Wall-E, Howl's Moving Castle
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Doctor Who, Mystery Diners, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares (Clips)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Daniel Ingram, Mike Morasky, etc...
Favourite Books
Harry Potter series, Minecraft handbooks, TARDIS Handbook...
Favourite Games
Portal 2, Minecraft, Zelda: Majora's Mask, Half-Life 2, Garry's Mod
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo 3DS XL, Wii U (I have only 3-4 actual Wii U games on it, though)
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, paper, and reference images

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hello SketchMCreations are you there and if so i was wonderin if you oculd hear me out about a free request for a vector groupshot my friend:

my friend's oc snow spider (has Black lenses, Leon Kennedy jacket from resident evil four only dark blue and white, dark blue mask, glowing green spider on the chest and back, and also cryo webs that can be shot out) and batgirl (dcau's batgirl her suit looks like D-Field22's version of batgirl's batsuit) and darkwing duck (ducktales 2017's darkwing duck looks like PastellTofu's darkwing duck) and leo (tmnt 2003) and moxxie (helluva boss) and miles morales/spider-man (spider-verse) and shaggy and scooby-doo (scooby-doo mystery inc) and mario (the super mario bros movie 2023's mario looks like Zigwolf's mario) and sonic the hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog live action)

Inspired By Clan McDuck (DuckTales 2017) and The Teen Titans (Teen Titans 2003) and The Turtle Group (TMNT 2012) and The Young Avengers (Marvel Comics) and Class 1-A (MHA) and The Autobots (Transformers Animated)

I understand and I'm sorry for botherin you SketchMCreations

I have some memes for you.

Sunset Shimmer feels bad for Pac-Man
The Humane 9 love (Blank)
The Humane 8 vs who
Sunset and Starlight vs who
Sunset Shimmer tells Magolor off
Starlight Glimmer (EG) tells Marx off
MLP EG What If
The dimensional rift sends Magolor to CHS
The Humane 7 vs Toc-Man
The Humane 7 shocked at Toc-Man's true identity

Uhhh, thanks...?

Sorry to say though, this ain't my preferred type of meme, chief.

Okay and for the blank memes feel free to use them.