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In cafe by LooknamTCN In cafe :iconlooknamtcn:LooknamTCN 163 15 Gift-Sunset by HowXu Gift-Sunset :iconhowxu:HowXu 344 10 Vector: Tia, wake up! by dSana Vector: Tia, wake up! :icondsana:dSana 531 59 Girls Of Summer: Trixie showing off too much by Sandwich-Anomaly Girls Of Summer: Trixie showing off too much :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 530 30 Reignited Adult Spyro by Olessan Reignited Adult Spyro :iconolessan:Olessan 1,033 42 Brain food by DiscordTheGE Brain food :icondiscordthege:DiscordTheGE 668 35 Plushcake Prize by EmeraldBlast63 Plushcake Prize :iconemeraldblast63:EmeraldBlast63 98 10 Fashion Victims: Couture Rainbow Dash by Flight-of-the-Moon Fashion Victims: Couture Rainbow Dash :iconflight-of-the-moon:Flight-of-the-Moon 43 2 Fashion Victims: Couture Rarity by Flight-of-the-Moon Fashion Victims: Couture Rarity :iconflight-of-the-moon:Flight-of-the-Moon 44 3 Pool Party! by AmazingPuffhair Pool Party! :iconamazingpuffhair:AmazingPuffhair 147 6 Chillin in Style by ArandomPerson44 Chillin in Style :iconarandomperson44:ArandomPerson44 69 8 Sunset measuring Trixie's biceps by RaikohIllust Sunset measuring Trixie's biceps :iconraikohillust:RaikohIllust 188 19 Beach Etiquette by Dazzpocalypse Beach Etiquette :icondazzpocalypse:Dazzpocalypse 14 10 Sunset Shimmer(ITAMAE) by tyuubatu Sunset Shimmer(ITAMAE) :icontyuubatu:tyuubatu 443 47 In a Seaside by tyuubatu In a Seaside :icontyuubatu:tyuubatu 436 33 Wind of Change by tyuubatu Wind of Change :icontyuubatu:tyuubatu 189 18


Following up on that previous poll, do you want to see more from me, the bloke behind the vectors and sketches? (Leave a comment if you want to see anything specific!) 

47 deviants said :iconfluttersmileplz: Yes!
14 deviants said :iconannoyingdogplz: This, however, is a snow poff.
12 deviants said :iconapplejackwhatplz: Maybe?
2 deviants said :icondashhuuuh6plz: No thanks

Just a reminder... Commissions are open, as they typically always are. Here's the basic rules;

- Most cases, I will not simply make a reskin of an existing image, unless the context applies otherwise to where it's okay.
- Inappropriate requests will, of course, be denied, unless you want a silly picture of a pony in lingerie. (this includes things like fetish-based requests)
- Make sure your request message has proper spelling and punctuation. I need to be able to tell what you're requesting of me instead of looking at a pile of horrendous grammar and spelling.
+ I will do vectors involving OCs and canon characters in intimate relationships now; those of you who want that, hope that makes you happy. Draw ALL the ships!
++ I will not do vectors involving extremely over-the-top OCs. I've got my limits, you know.

Also, because it apparently still needs saying,
I don't do Requests anymore.

Other things disallowed from commissions
- Anything that involves Sonic
- Gorey or grimdark types of scenes
- Sex. Indirect implications are kind of okay I guess.

If you want to commission me, send it in through a Note. I'll only accept commissions through there.

Also, if you want to use one of my images, but it's a commission, please ask the me and commissioner, who is always linked in the description of the piece, before doing so.

Also, for those of you who are cash-impaired but have deviantART points instead, I take those for a different type of commission; Pointy Pony Point Commissions!

Or, if you just wanna give me a little support, you can buy me a cup o' cocoa via Ko-Fi!

'ey, making a journal post too for those of you who skim over my sketch-based posts. I'm onto you, any of you who do that.

So, yes, commissions are now finally, at long last, open!
You can find all the information regarding commissions here: Sketch does Commissions!

And for those of you who only have points here on dA to spare, here's an option for you; Pointy Pony Point Commissions!
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It's a secret to everybody.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Uploading deviations at 2 AM like a boss. (go back to sleep, Sonata)
I like to draw things,
and the thing I'm best at drawing is
Ponies, apparently.
I changed my icon to Chrysalis for Halloween, but now I like it too much to change back.

If you wanna call me by name, just call me Sketch. Or Mythos. But mostly Sketch. Whatever works.

I do sketches of characters, both pony and EqG humans, and I also do vectors. Rarely, I'll make something and upload a picture, as well. I do all of this, but it seems my vector work is most popular among my gallery items.

What's my method for choosing moments from the show to vector? I'm basically the photographer from Earthbound. Except with at least 95% less background involved.

Want to use one of my vectors? Here's the process; if the title has Vector - in the name, then it's possible, you just have to leave a comment asking about it. If it's a Commission - piece, you have to ask me and then the commissioner about it. Really for the most part those are the only things where its up in the air. For my Equestria Girls Alternate Outfits series, well, the answer really depends on what your plans are. So, to reiterate,

If you want to use one of my vectors, please ask first.

I do commissions, but before you send that Note, be sure to read the rules first.
And if you use my vectors for anything, give me credit in some way, shape or form. If I happen to come across a piece that has used one of my vectors, I can recognize my own strokework from a mile away.

And this apparently still needs saying, but I don't do requests anymore. If you want me to do them, find a time machine and go back a few years.

And if it needs saying, I don't need to be dealing with incoherent rabble, so don't be bringing that here unless you want a trip to Blockland. And no, I don't mean the cheap-looking PC game of the same name.

also, if you're still thinking of flinging an insult my way anyways after reading the above statement; remember that i make money drawing cartoon horses and you're just some person posting pointless insults across digital space that do no more than waste everyone's time

In the name of the Goddess Hylia... I offer this final trial!


Also known as: SecminourTheThird


Buy me a cup o' cocoa!

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>when you actively complain and try to upset other people


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