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River Valley

I was doodling, learning some new photoshop techniques from [link] And a chance few strokes made an interesting shape like tree's or a valley... I wanted to find out what they were... this is the result.

just over an hour and a half. All photoshop.
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I have some crazy, amazing, beautiful dreams sometimes, I wish I was this artistic so I could draw what I saw
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Can I use your sketch for a T-shirt design for one organization planning trip to USA?
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god, this is beautiful!
Any way seeing this as a wallpaper? [1920x1080 or so?]
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This is really lovely, I particularly like the fact that there is only detail where it's needed, very pretty.

Any chance of you uploading a larger version? It'd make a lovely desktop background :)
is there anyway to get this 1920x1080 ? :p
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You did an awesome job with this piece. I love the painterly look of it along with the contrasting light.
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Lovely picture. The fact that the image developed naturally from a random doodle makes it all the more gorgeous. Like nature, no plan :)

By the way, it's featured on this video (how I personally came across it)
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Yeaaaah Phaeleh. He's playing on my speakers right now :D
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Amazing angle and colors!
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Beautiful!!! :D Awesome work!
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gorgeous :3 by the way, this is on a MrSuicideSheep video, BE PROUD. xD
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wow, such gorgeous angles and colours!
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Breathtaking!!!. I love the way the river curves away from sun into the dark.
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beautiful colors
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wow...just wow. The angle is so thrilling and the lighting is just. LOVE!
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Great artwork. Well done. Like it a lot.
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so powerful, well done
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The light is just beautiful!
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Just Beautiful!
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Amazing work!
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it is precious :D
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