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I am part of an online community of artists (outside DeviantArt) where we have regular art projects and events to encourage artist growth and development.

We have many ideas and many artists, but sadly few helpers. So, I am wondering if there is anyone here interested in carrying out art projects and events regularly.

Art projects include things like art collages, prompts, challenges, discussions, collaborations, and more - everything to help artists learn, have fun with art and get to know other artists.

If anyone interested could note me (3wyl) personally, that would be very much appreciated!

Thank you for any and all support offered. :love:


Note from AegisKHAOS: You likely have seen this message from other groups and blogs, so this might be old news for many.  I do apologize for not doing this earlier since I actually did not have proper access to a computer for a while.  Nevertheless, assuming they're still looking for people, and for those still interested, note 3wyl above.  Thank you everyone. :)
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SNS icon by syapo
Year of the Metal Rat! by Ejderha-Arts
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Original Artwork - Not Colored 4
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Cyberpunk #451 by EugenBaitinger
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Fashion) by Alik-Volga
alien forest by Aki-Yoko
Practice Paint (Black and White) 2 by oooangelicartooo
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Elves,Runts, n wizards oh my by IRHappie
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Original artwork - not colored
Jaguar Logo By freddie64 October 4,2021 by freddie64
Request for MysticalSorcery - lineart by aileri
Request for yunianinjamisterss15 - lineart by aileri
[Commission] Violetta and Zephyr by Miradella
Fanart and Celebrity Portraits 4
Maya and Sandra Captured by BondoFox

Mature Content

BF_Andrea and Jessie Playtime_WiP by BondoFox
80. Ahsoka`s pattern, little (Stroking) by RayneTheQueen
Huntress by CristianGarro
Fanart and Celebrity Portraits 3
2B NieR: Automata by JimseDraw
Bakugou- My Hero Academy Fanart by JimseDraw
Tsuyu Asui fanart- My Hero Academia by JimseDraw
[6 fanart challenge] Sailor Mars by Nanaiko
Fanart and Celebrity Portrait 2
BF_Cat and Vikki Kidnapped_WiP by BondoFox
Dancing Fran (+EXTRA NSFW optional). by TaissOnAir
sketch 4 by Yomi-Ferus
devour by Elleylie
Fanart and Celebrity portraits
Starfire (+NSFW optional). by TaissOnAir
Klaus ~ Umbrella Academy by NatsuLannister
Lila - Lupalia sketch for StellarStylus by aileri
Master Ryu by AegisKHAOS
Original Colored Artwork - Traditional Medium 2
Purple dragon by Aki-Yoko
Moon Blood by Aki-Yoko
Pretty Colors! by SpiderMilkshake
65- Calling the rain by Rikkimaru129
Original Colored Artwork - Traditional medium
Image1 (3) by randybill
Original Colored Artwork - Digital 2

Mature Content

Driprat_Self Defense Class Over by BondoFox
Original Colored Artwork - Digital
BF_Cheerleader Susan Felin Kidnapped by BondoFox
Original Artwork - Animal or Creature Sketches
Humback whale study by LinaReed
Still life and Landscape Artwork
kitchen by AbsurdBR
WIPs and Drafts Folder 2

Mature Content

BF_Markie Strappado'd_WiP by BondoFox
WIPs and Drafts Folder
Wrathbow - New Look - sketch by FG-Arcadia
BONUS Folder
price! commisions are open by piinktus
Colored Tree Mother by NightGolem

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Welcome to #Sketchlines Group


"Every masterpiece begins with a simple sketch."


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This is a group dedicated to Sketches and/or Linearts. Our GOAL is to promote Sketches and Linearts as Works of Art. We accept both Western and Eastern style of sketches.

:star: RULES on Submission: :star:

~This folder is closed for members. Our Admins or gallery Moderators will be the one to choose the deviations that will be on this folder.

>>All the Gallery Folders have their own descriptions. Please be mindful of them. Therefore, please submit in the RIGHT Folder.

:bulletred: All members and Admins are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 deviations a week.

:bulletred: Submit unfinished sketches and drafts (or WIPS)to our WIP/DRAFT Folder. If you submit an unfinished work on other folders, we are sorry but we will decline it.

:bulletred: Sketches drawn on wrinkled, striped (school) or torn paper should be submitted in our WIP/Draft Folder . We don't really care about the quality of paper. The paper can be drawn in any blank (or even colored) paper, but if the paper is wrinkled, striped or torn, the sketch would be automatically sent to the Draft Folder.

:bulletred: Photographed Sketches or Linearts go to our WIP Folder, finished or not. Only properly scanned images go to the other folders.

:bulletred: Specify in your comment box if what you draw is a FANART or an Original Character of yours. We do not know all the famous people or characters in the world!

:bulletred: Members are not allowed to submit a favorite. They can only submit their deviations to our Gallery Folders.

:bulletred: Though we accept nude sketches, please put the "maturity filter on". AND WE ONLY ACCEPT TASTEFUL nude sketches (please see deviantART FAQ for what a "tasteful" nude means), not some sketch you hang around your bathroom wall.

:bulletred: Do not submit sketches with obscene, insulting, curse messages in them.

:star: GENERAL RULES: :star:

:bulletred: Please respect everyone in this group. No cursing, spamming or flaming.

:bulletred: No one is allowed to advertise anything unrelated to the group in our comment box. Therefore, please do not post contest links, page advertisements, etc. there.

:bulletred: If you want to apply as an ADMIN to the group, please note the group of your intention to do so. We will then send you a number of questions that you should answer.

:bulletred: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send a note to the Group.



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