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[Animation Test] Yushatora in the Wind



Disclaimer: I don't care if you dislike jinmenkens, I will draw/animate them as I please.
Even though I already know how to draw cherry blossoms, I figured I should try out the challenge anyway just for the sake of trying something new, although I might have overdone it by deciding to take it up a notch by drawing petals by hand and creating a customized particle system to animate them with. Funnily enough, this was meant for two challenges, one here and one on SA.
The character in the animation is Yushatora the jinmenken pup, she's actually an older character from a future film project I plan to create about yokai, particularly jinmenkens and wolves which Yusha is a hybrid of. I have another shorter film project planned about a blue fox as well which was heavily inspired by an old middle school animation project.
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