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In the Name of Music



Left to right
Panel 1-
Kana: The Negaverse!
Musa: Quick you guys! Transform!
*everyone off screens transforms*

Panel 2-
Sailor Cam, Haku, & Renku: Lets go!
Zero & Mist: ...

Panel 3-
Super Sailor Brie: Your rein of zombies end now!

Panel 4-
Evil Zombie Queen Ceru: I think not! Lets make this even~. *makes evil shadow copies*

(To be contiued...... or not)

Panel 5-
Tuxedo Kamen Elk: Hello ladies~.

xD So yeah, steamed for Shido's idea, got out of control.
Kana is Super Sailor Brie and Musa is a person in the IRC that I will not say, I dubbed her Musa.
Shido Evil Ceru so I was like Zombie Queen!

Tones somewhere off the internet.
Original bases:
Panel 1: [link]
Panel 2: [link]
Panel 3: [link]
Panel 4: [link]
Panel 5: [link]
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While searching your gallery for a new thumbnail for my Twitch page, I found this.