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Rawhide Angel Promo

This is a promo from a webcomic I'm working on currently and hope to launch later this year.

Character and artwork copyright me.
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© 2011 - 2021 sketchiegambit
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The lighting on characters and background looks very nice, good job ! :)
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Thanks, glad you like it :D
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Wow, really great work here with the coloring. I love how it looks like you did this traditionally. Something about it just gives off that beautiful traditional vibe! The shading is amazing too, as well as the background. Her curves are kicking! I especially love her back and midriff area. :eyes:

Can't wait to see you start up the comic! I'm sure it will be awesome! :)
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Haha, thanks :D

Funny you should say, this was drawn traditionally first in a coffee shop I like to hang out in while drawing. I scanned it and coloured it in Photoshop, using the tone from my pencil work as a base, which is how I got the texture :)

The comic is still in the concept stage at the moment while I fill up a sketch book with character and location artwork, like a recipe book on which the comic will be based. So watch this space :D
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Awesome!!! Will do!!! :eager:
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(flashes back the the scene in the Blues Brothers of the group playing in the redneck bar)
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