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Superman colors

The second of nine colored by :icondany-morales:. The S came out sweet on this bad boy!
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Kick ass superman...
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Nice work as usual! :)
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Thanks as usual!!!
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Welcome as unsual!!!
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wow! such unconventionally powerful build!! awesome!! :heart: :superman:
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YES! My one, true and first hero of all times! (followed by Batman, of course!) :batman:
Correct me if I am wrong...but are the colours maybe a bit bright? :? I remember the man of steel in a bit more intense colouring. BUT nonetheless this is a damn' fine piece of art!! :horns: And i love his facial expression here! :thumbsup:
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Thanks man! I think with the colors it all depends on the colorist. I've seen it done a million different ways. I think its more consistent in the comics cause DC probably has a color pallet for their characters. But to me it feels like he's high up in the sky and she sun is shining right on him whiles he's powering up ready for action.
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looks awesome man! Another great one to go with your Batman, but I do agree with the feet, they do seem a little off.
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Yeah, it was and inking whoops. Too much curve in the foot, didn't want to use white out for selling purposes. This is why I pencil and not ink!
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well great work again! batman superman... is wonder woman next to complete the set? (my fingers are crossed!)
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WW might get in.
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His feet are bothering me. Great colour and work as always sketch!
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Yeah, too much curve in the foot. Inking whoops, tried my best to fix it. It's why I hate inking!
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