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***Available now as a print on my INPRNT store!

Couldn't come up with a better title for this one, honestly. I spent way to long on it. I started it in October, got frustrated and stuck after putting 2-3 hours in, left it and then came back starting earlier in the week and stacked some more time on it. It's still got it's iffy points but I'm happy to call it "resolved" and move on to something else. I hope you enjoy. 
It's been pleasant working on something so warm when it's so cold outside.

If you want to see some process images, look here.
Painted in Painter12.
6-8 hours?
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very beautiful
Timbono9's avatar
AtomicKirby's avatar
Cute..!  And I like the Dr. No poster too..
G4MM43T4's avatar
all kinds of gorgeous
AeroHybrid's avatar
Sexy and awesome work :D
Thejboy88's avatar
You must have used a live model or something, because this is fantastic.
sketcheth's avatar
At the very beginning I was sketching from life but then my model got tired and went to bed. :P Thanks very kindly. :)
manmayee's avatar
This is beautiful. I love the mood it evokes. She looks so comfy :)
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Thank you very very much for the comment. :)
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I love this ^_^

How come so few of your things are available as prints?  I just got a new flat and I'm thinking of things to put on the walls :)
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That's because I haven't really gotten myself organized enough to set them up yet! :P A bunch of them are available here:… though if you're interested! And there are more to come! I'm curious to know how you prefer to buy prints when you do, is it through DA or do you look at other sites? Thanks for commenting. :D
zomby138's avatar
I've been using dA :) I like the block frames.  I just had my first batch arrive and I'm happy with them :)

I like your bedroom girls with their electronic devices ^_^
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Sweet, it's nice to hear that they're of good quality!
zomby138's avatar
So are you planning on putting any more up on dA?
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Yes! I've just been slow about it, sorry!
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Wooow :D I'm amazed, it looks perfect to me :D great job!!!
VAND1TA's avatar
Lovely long legs here.:love: and the coloring looks amazing. :aww:
sketcheth's avatar
I quite enjoyed painting it! Thank you very much for the kind comment. 
VAND1TA's avatar
Its my pleasure, dear. :bow:
purplemusic-B-ox's avatar
Love this soo much! :love: She's gorgeous, and I love your coloring style! ^^
sketcheth's avatar
Thank you so much for the comment!
i3ick's avatar
Woah! I can really feel the atmosphere, love it!
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