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Waiting All My Life For You

Romeo, save me, I've been feeling so alone,
I've been waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head, I dunno what to think...

I, like every other Phinabella fan alive, have been really really really (insert more reallys here) hyped about Act Your Age that's coming up as the world's most perfect birthday present (I'm born in Ferbruary). So, here's my wittle art and the part of Love Story by Taylor Swift when I always imagine this scene. 

Also, a HEEEEYUUUUUGE congratulations to :iconkicsterash: for an amazing job well done on this episode, and her other work for Disney. You, yet again, inspire me, KicsterAsh. Thanks for being my idol. I've actually got a whole lot more to say, just doesn't come to mind at the moment. 

And, yeah. Izzy's slowly looking away (from Phineas) and stepping into the dark and loneliness of life. One thing I hate about coloured drawings of Isabella is that her eyebrows and eyelashes are definitely gonna be hidden in her hair in the end. So, here, I lazily just highlighted them. Just....urgh.

Whatever. Enjoy!

Isabella (c) Dan and Swampy
Art (c) Me
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Why the hell didn't I watch more of this show as a kid? Damn my childhood
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I love this picture, it's soo cute, but makes me sad at the same time. WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG PHINEAS FLYNN!!!!!!!
 I love KicsterAsh too. Her work is AMAZING, i so wish i could draw like her ( i think her Phineas And Ferb art is my favorite out all her work.) But I really hope she dosn't see my work, I'v just started DeviantART, and compared to you and her, I'm not very good.
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Isabella went from being an adorable little tot to a beautiful young lady.
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Have You made some progresions at this about the other girls of the Fireside Troop!?

It can be very interesting!

Isabella Shapiro was the first I seen and meet in the series! My favorite, BUT! I likes also a lot Gretchen, Katie, Adyson and Ginger!!!

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Aw that's so sad...(I'm crying right now...)
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Wow, this image really shows how Isabella was losing hope as she got older.

...Wait, I thought Isabella didn't have eyebrows.
poptropigirl's avatar
She does they're just really hidden
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Actually I felt so scared when I was see this, it's look like her live was full of pain and sadness when I look at that "black stains thing"
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Isabella is one of my characters favoritesLove 
plasmaste perfectly their suffering after a long time in love with Phineas Clap 
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There's always that ONE character in every show, that we see the timeline of
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My life is dark and lonely without Isabella...Lonely lonely and blue Gloomy :lovedream :thetimewithoutyou
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how'd you get those emogiis?
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This is amazing!
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I always love these 'Evolution of X' style pictures, and you drew inspiration from one of the most beautiful sequences in all of Disney recent animation. All the yes.
great, this picture have great mean
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Lol. I'm born in February too. And I agree; BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVVVAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
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awww! pobre de Isa!
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I love the different expressions here; how she goes from the smiling, happy little girl to the sad, lonely woman. Really really well done.
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I see the age cycle O.O
Toddler,child,preteen,teenager,young adult
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