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Candybar Pops- Replacement

Thats right! I got ALL my files back! Its a long story but I will sum it up.

I was really upset when I thought I lost everything. Even windows said my disk was erased. So I decided to give my old seagate to my dad. My dad plugged it in his computers and it showed that it was NOT formatted. (meaning my corrupt files were still there!) So I immediately looked for remedies and I found the solution after some tinkering.

:D I got all my movies and songs and psds! I'm now officially moved to Mac! And to celebrate is a new Candybar icon I made!

Includes 3 versions-
Candybar (Panic Logo)
Candybar (No Logo)

Leopard and Vista ready. iContainer is also available! Enjoy!

Legal Crap:
Candybar belongs to, all rights reserved.
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LOOOL Wonka Bar! :XD:
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thanks so much for share
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Wow looks so delicious.
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that's super cool~
Great job to u~
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I want to eat it
Real cool. Although I really would appreciate a regular Wonka Bar icon, like a chocolate bar, not a popsicle.
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Awesome job. Posted on We Love Icons. :)
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:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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I recognize that WonkaBar, was it you that made it?
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lmao golden ticket<3
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Excellent icons! Clean and Simple. I also give you accolades for going the extra mile and making a beautiful Wonka Bar icon.
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This is awesome work Tom, nice and smooth and clean, they are beautiful.
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Bonus Wonka bar... mmm.
This is mighty tastey.. love it!
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And Linux ready.
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Excellent release :clap:
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Wow, Tom great icons, great job :)
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This candybar pops is so cool, i was use this on my dock :D

featured on [link]
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damn, man you got lucky.
im glad you were able to get all your files back.

i know the feeling of loosing all your work.
well excellent release TomTom, glad to hear you were able to save your data.

:peace: kon
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