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A Clear Day

I haven't done a screenshot in a while now. To make up for it I have a of goodies in progress :D

So here is the breakdown:
Seagate Pushbutton Icon, made 100% completely by me from scratch :love: Im so happy. This is the best I con I have made so far!

iTunes Speaker, I made this one before seagate. I'm still doing some tweeking and adding more stuff. I'm iffy about the music note. I remember downloading it but I thought it was from Apple itself. I still need to do some research before trying to release it.

Things in the shot:
HUD Theme: By Zephi, Yuki and Some help by me :P (NFR)
Dock: New Dock ported from Mac by me (NFR)
Icons: Various found on DA and mods
Miranda: Twitterrific by Hidebow (NFR)
CD Art Display: Coversutra PHT by Kobhen ported by me (check gallery)
Flying Cow: Coverflow view program Beta by Matonga
Ifran View
Wallpaper by Kol

Movie: Ratatouille
Music: Telepopmusik

Sorry about all the NFR, but once again If I don't have permission, its not going to be released. :(

Alright I guess thats it.
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can i get the mario icon / speaker icon / the mac shopping bag icons / recycle icon and whats the icon with the group folder next to the preview and speaker ?

super dope icons bro
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Wallpaper Link PLEASE
vscudi's avatar
where can i find the apple paper bags and the recyclying bin icons?
Renn-Louie's avatar
dock imported from mac?
Thank you,verygood
fyton5's avatar
how did u get the dock reflection? awesome desk!
cyborg-gurl's avatar
Please can I have link or info on White Fox icon and the Apple Shopping Bag icons? Thanks
sketched-dreams's avatar

The downloading might be disabled. The owners website has been hacked recently :(
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Yes, they took downloads down, I will check back later. Thanks for link!
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Very nice shot dude

Can u link me to that wallpaper please?
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Try searching for Grass Wallpaper. The author is Kol though so you wont miss it :)
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your dock is nice ~!
could you tell me
where i can find " Coverflow view program Beta by Matonga"~~?
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It's at the forums. :)
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awesome clean shot :)
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holly leopard, I cant believe thats windows.
sketched-dreams's avatar
lol :P I must have gotten carried away with the HUD
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very nice shot man :D
amazing wall :D
mubariz's avatar
nice stuff! Can you please tell me what IEView you are using in Miranda? Thanx!
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